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Still, I stare
Off in the distance
Thinking of every instance
Where you have been less
My, what a mess
You’ve created of your world
Still, you spare
No words when verbally beating
The ones who endure
Trying to be sure
You place your blame
On all but the one
Victims we’re not
Of more than
Anger for being abandoned
For counting on
As always we had
Leaned on each other
Still, we care
Silent, we tear
Alone, we fear
One day we’ll hear
That it has gotten worse.

What Makes Us Too Good?

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It’s time to share my thoughts on refugees, immigration and the state of our country’s borders. Mind you, this post is directly regarding the attacks in Paris, and the US’s subsequent very public reaction to Syrian refugees fleeing their country and spreading across the world, including the United States.

First, before you get your hackles all up and call me all kinds of liberal expletives, understand that these are my opinions and thoughts and there’s a damn good reason it’s not my job to make these decisions. I just don’t fucking want to, I never had a desire to be in the public eye, I would rather my words do that for me, while I stay behind this computer and drink my coffee and write my opinions to you. Consume, my readers, consume!

I don’t want to close our borders and cut off travel. I don’t want to turn away mothers, fathers, children and grandparents from the freedoms that we enjoy in this country – the freedom to be safe, to feel like we will make it through tomorrow, to feel like it’s ok to feel like we do. To share our opinions, even in a public forum like this, is a right these individuals have not enjoyed, possibly ever.

Freedom is something our ancestors came here to achieve – who the hell are we do stand on the premise that this is the melting pot and then suddenly, oh shit, some crazy shit happened, EVERYBODY HUNKER DOWN AND DON’T LET ANYONE IN.

We would not be the country we are today if we let those terrorists win every time they tried to intimidate us. Don’t you realize their intent is to scare their opponents, and make them act fearfully, you fraidy cats are letting those bastards win! SHUTTING OUR BORDERS IS UNAMERICAN, and against the beliefs of all the soldiers that have gone before us to their untimely ends defending our right to be free, and the rights of those that come here to be free.

There’s a way to handle this situation, I don’t claim to know it but I have a few ideas, and if I have a few ideas, I know people in more powerful positions than mine have ideas too, likely ones that would work and that they have an implementation plan for as well. I for one, am not going to be the person to disrespect our fallen soldiers and current soldiers in that way, I trust that they will handle any situation that arises that they are able to handle, and I trust that our government is vigilant here at home. Maybe I’m naive to a degree, that’s definitely possible and not the first time nor will it be the last that I believe more in something than I should. But that’s my opinion, shutting our borders from those who need refuge is WRONG. We needed this country when we came here, and no one turned us away, even though we brought all kinds of craziness with us.

And that’s just how I feel on the matter. Feel free to share your opinion, I will not tolerate any kind of meanness or disrespect to other commentators or to me, so be nice to each other!

When I say Damn

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What a difference a night of sleep can make, with regard to emotion and perspective. My life has no shortage of drama, and I let it get to me yesterday and entertained a full on mad mood. FOR HOURS. This is not like me at all, and in this early morning light, I’m a bit ashamed of myself.

Now we’re at Tuesday, and I’m determined to have a good day. For many reasons, but the primary one being, it’s a beautiful day and my hair looks great!


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We sit and think, and
As we ponder and drink
Our epiphanies flow
Much the way the liquor goes
Each memory that plays
Take us back to the days
When innocence and fun
Were at mercy of the sun
We’ll tip our cups
Drink to us
..and start again tomorrow.

I shared this on Facebook, decided I’d share with y’all too. I’m proud of it, considering it was penned inside five minutes. 
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