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I want to share with you things I learned when I was a delivery driver for Domino’s. I kicked ass too. Oh yeah – I made money. That’s what you have to do though when you work, find what you do well and kick ass at it. I did that very well, driving has always felt like freedom to me, so I enjoy it, always. The only time I’ll have an issue with driving is if I’m tired, and that’s just because I don’t want to die. šŸ˜‰

On a Saturday back then, if I worked a nine hour shift, which was common – I would come home with between $200 – 350.00. I rarely left after working a full day on the weekend with less than $200.00. It was very nice, fast money and seemingly easy money.

You don’t have a boss breathing down your neck, it’s your first sense of freedom at work. Overall, the money was great, and for my skill set at the time, I did really well. I was working a different job, at a gas station, before my venture into delivery driving. I changed jobs because I started going to college and needed a more flexible schedule. That kind of job is ideal for students. The job was laid back, the people never were stressed out like crazy, we would just get busy – which makes the time go fast. I have always appreciated a speedy time clock, haven’t you?

You can’t help but learn about the overall layout of streets and numbering of buildings, etc. when you are a delivery driver. That helps a lot when going to interviews for better jobs. šŸ˜‰

One of the things I learned was that if you have trouble being blinded by oncoming vehicles at night, follow the line on the right side of your vehicle. This way you always know where you are and you are focusing on something other than “off in the distance” where you can be attracted to the lights of an oncoming vehicle. Of course, I have encountered roads where you can’t really see the line because it is so old, but do your best, it’ll help.

It helped me a lot to learn those things then for that job, but those things still help me today. I learned how to self manage myself, I learned time management, customer service – I had to make on the spot decisions about our service, sometimes I had to give up an order for free because of a snag in delivery – or worse, a mistake in the order.

These are skills you can take with you when you go, what a lot of people don’t realize is that every job comes with things that can help you later, if nothing else you will learn more about dealing with people.

Overall I just want you to know that your perspective on what you do is what makes the difference, if you can envision the end of the line of what you’re doing, the end product, and be proud of your part in it, however small or large – then I think you have the right perspective. Your job isn’t what makes you.

What makes you is who you are, where you’re going and what you’re taking with you when you go. Your goals, dreams and ideals can become a reality if you are willing to do the work to get there.

So many people let shift work overcome their lives and never rise above. It is possible to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

You have to ask yourself one question, “Am I ready?”

Are you?

“For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?” ~ James Allen


Officer Killed in Clinton Motorcade

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I’m just going to link to the post on my local news station website here.

I will give you a rundown of the article point though. This man was at the tail end of the motorcade security detail when Hillary Clinton was down here in Dallas last week. They rounded a corner on a street downtown and this officer hit the curb – then died. The poor man left behind what seems to be a very loving family that will miss him very much.

My point of this post is to point out the admirable way in which this family is handling this loss. The son of this man, namesake even, was the spokesperson in the video and he says that his father hated funerals. (I do too.) That his father would always tell him that if you’re going to cry, cry tears of joy for the life that person lived.

Mr. Lozada must have been a wonderful police officer.

In the time of lawsuits for Wrongful Death and playing the blame game into court to get some money, this family has stepped forward proud of their family member lost, mournful of course, but not blaming.

What an admirable family – which just goes to show how honorably Mr. Lozada must have led his family.

It is a tragedy indeed, but what better time for us to recognize that the way we live is what’s important, not the circumstances in which we die.

So this is my tribute to Mr. Lozada, though I did not know him, there aren’t enough people like him, willing to lay down their lives to protect others. Regardless of who that might be.


Pop Quiz!

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Today I’m answering quizzes, I know inquiring minds want to know so I thought I’d divulge a few details about myself to you…

You Have a Type A Personality

You are ambitious, driven by your desire to get things done. Type A personalities are characterized by their drive and intense work ethic. You are competitive; you want respect, not affection. You may become irritated when you have to wait on a line or at a red light.

This next quiz was really fun answering, and I was kind of surprised at the result believe it or not:

Are You More Angel Or Devil

Are You More Angel Or Devil

You are :

30% Angel and 70% Devil

You are quite a devil, the angel in you keeps you in line some of the time but the devil seems to come out in you quite a bit more often.

Take the Are You More Angel Or Devil quiz.

Now we’ll find out what kind of pie I am: šŸ˜‰

Which Pie Are You

Did you see that one coming? I like to give, but Mince pie? I couldn’t be cherry or apple? Mince, really?

Now the order of the day for you guys now is to answer these same quizzes (I promise they’re not long) and put your results in the comments!

Nice to know you!


Sunday Memoirs

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It’s time again to review the posts of the week. This gives us a chance to reflect on how we felt this week, what you guys had to say, and you a chance to check out what you might have missed.

Monday we discussed why Being Someone You’re Not is a cowardly thing to do and why it’s totally adverse to the idea of being true to yourself.

Tuesday I yoinked a bulletin right out of myspace about all the Maybe’s we could live by that might make life make a little more sense.

Wednesday I told you why I love our cowriter here, Monica in Mouthy Friends, who is truly an inspiration to me. Later Wednesday I asked if you were still reaching for that ideal in your life, no matter the setbacks life has posed to you.

Thursday Monica talked about her change in perspective in Living Like I’m Dying.

Friday, I reacted to the “debate” of Thursday night with “Hillary Do Me a Favor”. It was impossible for me to take her seriously in the debate.

Yesterday, I was being nice when I didn’t want to be and it didn’t kill me after all. LOL. I didn’t think it would, I just really didn’t want to do it. I can be rude that way sometimes.

So that’s the week of February 18th through the 23rd in review for you. I leave you with this song.

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