It’s Mouthy Day

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Maybe you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day. If not, so what? You can have a good time with some friends if they’re single too, or you can have a pamper me night at home. Take back the day.

I’ve spent a few Valentine’s Days by myself, watch your favorite movie, mine has always been “Hope Floats”. Spending some time with yourself can lend you some much needed clarity, if done right. If you subscribe to Netflix, you can even watch movies on your computer directly from them, just pick it and watch it.

I think spending time with yourself is necessary to get to know yourself, what you want, what YOUR true goals are.

Anyways, you can be comfy in your pajamas, forget about men, work, friends, family, everyone! Grab your favorite comfort food and vegg out, you deserve it. It’s all about you today! I believe that Valentine’s is a commercial holiday that is there just because somebody is really really good at marketing. Sex sells people…..we know this.

Dare to be different, don’t feel bad if your alone on Valentine’s Day, consider yourself lucky! Yes, LUCKY! You’re not spending money one something that may not work out, or with someone who wants accolades for taking you out. In reality, it’s just another day. The sad thing is that we’re celebrating something not really worth celebrating. A massacre? We’ve all heard about it but think nothing of it while sifting through pink cards and fluffy frilly crap for Valentine’s Day. Give me a break – and singing cards? While I admit the Hallmark commercial with, “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” and the people jumping each other’s bones in the car, that was hilarious – the cards are lame!

How about a guy who celebrates on some weird no name day, just because he’s with you? Yeah, I got a good laugh out of that too. How about a guy who can handle it when you call him on his shit and he calls you on yours? That’s a Valentine, someone who really knows you.

Happy Mouthy Day Mouthy Girls!


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