Enough Friends?

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We would like to see the best in all people, ideally, but our ever logical side also tells us that not everyone is trustworthy. The other aspect of friendship is that there are levels of trust.

Some people you come across in life, you can tell a semi-secret too and trust it will never be told, but that same person you wouldn’t trust to take care of your children. Then there are those people that would bring you soup when you were sick, come and take you shopping if you were without a means to do so, etc. Those kinds of friends are caretaker friends, but that too doesn’t always mean you can trust them with everything.

I think that we can’t possibly define only one kind of friend. We need friends on different levels, sometimes you have a group of friends that complete a sort of puzzle, which is unique and wonderful.

What I’m saying here I guess is that we need a lot of different kinds of friends in life.

We can definitely survive without friendship, there is no question of that. It’s a common story often heard about women that marry and have children and their life becomes just that, husband and children, suddenly all of her friendships have dwindled and they’ve stopped calling her because she’s too busy and yet she survives. It’s not impossible.

However, there is a freedom in friendship, certain friendships even lend a shoulder to cry on and even as tough as we are, sometimes we have to have that. We need to have that friend we can call and just get it off our chest however it comes, crying, yelling – and they listen. The great friend they are, they’re on the other end sympathizing and understanding. Wishing that they could help make it better, just because they care enough.

Life is not a cakewalk. A lot of people wish they could be a kid again to escape the harshness of adult life, the responsibility. Childhood wasn’t great for me so there iss no childhood utopia for me to speak of fondly, I wouldn’t dream of going back there.

BUT – there were a few last minute road trips that Monica and I took years ago that were liberating and exhilarating and as close to utopia as I can imagine. For those of us that had it rough during our childhood, it’s very important to have friends that can also fill that need to let loose, they encourage you to quit being so damn serious and let your hair down and act crazy.

It’s fun. Acting like a dumb kid. We were just some “dumb college kids” on a beautiful beach, the pressures of being a single mom couldn’t touch me there, that was clearly one of the “good times” that I’ll talk about when I’m senile.

We need many friends, some would even call it a support system, and even if you are reading this and this makes you sad because you are secluded in your own life and can’t reach out at this point, you can reach out to us. You can comment here and be part of our lives. You can tell us what irks you, what hurts you, what motivates you and what’s holding you back. We understand it’s not always how we want it to be, we’ll be that friend you can lean on that will understand and listen, wishing we could make it go away for you.

If you’re reading this, we already know we like you. We know already that you have good taste. If MouthyGirl.com appealed to you, we’re here for exactly what you think. To be Mouthy!

You can lean on us.

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