Being Someone You’re Not

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Life is too short to be a bullshitter. We all know someone, or are someone who lies about where you come from, what you want to do in life. Being someone you think other people will like is a waste of your time. Have you forgotten your roots? Do you live everyday being someone you aren’t, looking for some way to fit in with someone, anyone? Why should you care about people who have no commitment to you?

What do you think of yourself? Did you know that is the most important thing to worry about? Are you happy with yourself when you look at you in the mirror?

Don’t you want those who love you to respect you? Do you try to earn their respect or do you expect it? No one owes you anything, but do you owe someone something?

Life doesn’t have to be as difficult as you make it by being fake. Sincerity is what people are looking for and if you aren’t sincere, chances are you have very few true friends. Don’t be afraid to be real and stop with putting up a front and being someone you are not. It’s hard to be yourself, but it’s even harder to be true to yourself if even you don’t know who you are.

Success is not for the chosen few, but the few who choose it.

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2 thoughts on “Being Someone You’re Not

  1. spoken like a true mouthygirl! go sabrina.
    I am very happy with who am I.And more importantly what I am:)
    i think i silently command respect.:) and you only get it from me if you earn it.

  2. I think I’m great, haha. 😀 I mean, I’m not perfect but at least I’m myself and not someone else. I do believe life could be better, like, I could be a huge Hollywood celebrity and be driving fancy and hot cars, haha, HOWEVER, I love my life. It’s a simple, quiet life and I think it’s fantastic. I have a great and loving family and I’m achieving my dreams and having fun. I’m happy, and that’s it. I’m happy.

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