Hillary, Do Me a Favor

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I thought long and hard about this before I decided to go ahead with this post. I WILL NOT vote for Hillary Clinton. Why? You ask?

Because she cried on TV.

Thank you Hillary for making America look like wussies. Thank you Hillary for showing the rest of the world that we will talk for hours about tears on CNN.

I take issue with this because as I write this and later as you read this, women are being mutilated, beaten, oppressed, abused, murdered and persecuted, in this country and all over the world.

Women are still largely discriminated against in the world. For her to get up on worldwide television and cry over “issues that she is passionate about” is preposterous.

I hate to seem cold, but think of the leaders of the countries that have those thoughts still, that women are inferior. Are we not appearing like masses that are now asses?

The United States already has a tarnished image. Must we do further damage Hillary?

Be passionate Hillary. DO be passionate. But for our country’s sake, could you save the tears?

So Hillary, do me a favor – don’t cry again.

Even Fergie knows that Big Girls Don’t Cry.


3 thoughts on “Hillary, Do Me a Favor

  1. Well, I know what you mean, but society has shaped all of us on how we view the two genders. Holy smokes, we all are raised and taught about the two genders and it always seem that women are the ones who cry and all that. However, when someone wants to be the President, then yes, I can see why the country would not want someone “weak” or who cries. There’s always that comparison back when there were cavemen and how the “cavemen” always got the food and were the stronger ones and all that. It’s how society views the two genders and well, there’s not much we can do about it. Also, society IS changing, so who knows what will be in store for all of us in the future. As for a woman becoming a President, of course I see it in the future!

  2. I agree, when your president, you’re up against some pretty tough leaders…….can they smell her fear? Or is it her her weakness??

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