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It’s time again to review the posts of the week. This gives us a chance to reflect on how we felt this week, what you guys had to say, and you a chance to check out what you might have missed.

Monday we discussed why Being Someone You’re Not is a cowardly thing to do and why it’s totally adverse to the idea of being true to yourself.

Tuesday I yoinked a bulletin right out of myspace about all the Maybe’s we could live by that might make life make a little more sense.

Wednesday I told you why I love our cowriter here, Monica in Mouthy Friends, who is truly an inspiration to me. Later Wednesday I asked if you were still reaching for that ideal in your life, no matter the setbacks life has posed to you.

Thursday Monica talked about her change in perspective in Living Like I’m Dying.

Friday, I reacted to the “debate” of Thursday night with “Hillary Do Me a Favor”. It was impossible for me to take her seriously in the debate.

Yesterday, I was being nice when I didn’t want to be and it didn’t kill me after all. LOL. I didn’t think it would, I just really didn’t want to do it. I can be rude that way sometimes.

So that’s the week of February 18th through the 23rd in review for you. I leave you with this song.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Memoirs

  1. Oh, that’s weird, you know they DO say great minds think alike. So, it is forever deemed, great minds are we!

    I’m glad to know that Wii lovers like you like MouthyGirl too – let’s see if we’ve both heard the same song today as today’s post isn’t up yet….

  2. Whoa, this is weird, whenever i come to your site, i always see a song that i just listened to… Like today, is aerosmith, and the other day was fergi.

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