Officer Killed in Clinton Motorcade

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I’m just going to link to the post on my local news station website here.

I will give you a rundown of the article point though. This man was at the tail end of the motorcade security detail when Hillary Clinton was down here in Dallas last week. They rounded a corner on a street downtown and this officer hit the curb – then died. The poor man left behind what seems to be a very loving family that will miss him very much.

My point of this post is to point out the admirable way in which this family is handling this loss. The son of this man, namesake even, was the spokesperson in the video and he says that his father hated funerals. (I do too.) That his father would always tell him that if you’re going to cry, cry tears of joy for the life that person lived.

Mr. Lozada must have been a wonderful police officer.

In the time of lawsuits for Wrongful Death and playing the blame game into court to get some money, this family has stepped forward proud of their family member lost, mournful of course, but not blaming.

What an admirable family – which just goes to show how honorably Mr. Lozada must have led his family.

It is a tragedy indeed, but what better time for us to recognize that the way we live is what’s important, not the circumstances in which we die.

So this is my tribute to Mr. Lozada, though I did not know him, there aren’t enough people like him, willing to lay down their lives to protect others. Regardless of who that might be.


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