Is Tipping Going TOO Far?

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This morning I was listening to a local radio show, Chris & Mel in the morning…funny people. I flip radio stations because I am a music lover with ADD, once the song is over or even once I’m bored with it, I’m on to the next station unless I’m interested in the conversation. Which I’m not usually.

Today though, they struck a nerve with me. I am really getting tired of seeing tip cups in certain places. If you make minimum wage, and I’m not talking about waitress minimum wage, but if you make over $5.00 – 6.00 an hour, I’m probably not going to tip you unless you’re bringing food to my door. Yes, I tip the pizza person, nicely too. And waitstaff, very nicely.

I’ll drop a $5 tip on a $12 tab if it’s just me and I didn’t have to ask for anything, that’s service I don’t even get at home. Yep, I’ll pay for it.

On the radio they were discussing tipping for maid service in hotels. I think that when you sign all your crap for your room, they should make mention of the maid service and how they’re paid, if it’s up to you to make they’re living for them they should let you know that.

A lady called in and she and Chris agreed that you choose your job. This is where I totally had a moment and wanted to call in, but I have this so it’s better. 😈

I totally think you choose your job and you can make your life better and move up the ladder. Trust me, I used to work in a gas station after high school. I’ve worked my way into the medical field and now into the legal field, it is possible you just can’t be an idiot.

I’ve seen tip cups at A&W where all they do is grab your food off of a line and stick it in a bag. Come on!

What do you think about all this, is tipping going too far?


Sunday Memoirs

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I vowed not to forget this week and seven hours ago wrote the title….and that’s all I’d done on this post until just now. I was working on a site for work. So now I’ve taken a break from that so that I can put this up here for you lovely ladies.

Some of you may be getting dizzy with all the design changes, I just can’t seem to find one I like, this one will do for now.

  • The Big Give was a show I wanted to share with you guys on Monday morning that’s coming on again tonight (Sunday), should be a really good one!

    On Tuesday I whined a little about Climbing the Ladder because of a stressful day. Yeah, poor me right? I should be glad I have a job.

    Wednesday I asked if You Choose Success or if it chooses you, lots of opinions on that one…

    Thursday we talked about not following the crowd because we lose ourselves in trying to be like others.

    Friday I whined some more. I’ll try to hold that crap back more, had a rough week, sorry. πŸ™

    Yesterday I asked you all to Vote for My Tramp Stamp and several of you did, thank you all very much. I’ll be updating that post soon with a picture of the tat on my shoulder, I just didn’t have one yesterday to share with you.

    Then later yesterday I penned the first poem I’ve written in years. I surprised myself with that one.

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s posts and will stick around for more, feel free to go and have your say on any and all of them.

    If you liked this post don’t miss anymore!

    Tune in tomorrow, same channel!


  • Prose? Who Knows

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    Never one to give myself a second look
    Entertain the possibility
    That maybe I’d catch the eye
    Of someone else

    Naive and unaware
    You were watching me
    With those eyes so curious
    What lies beneath my thoughts and goals
    Has surprised you

    These eyes look forward
    To the doors coming up ahead
    To you I’m a curiosity
    An idea that forms in your head

    A person to conquer
    You quest for realism in my dream world
    You bring my dreams down
    Picking over them with your words

    You stand back in mock surprise
    When my nature shows it’s wild
    Crying hurt and innocent
    After the drama you created

    Behind these eyes is a fire
    Like none you’ve ever seen
    Flames that swallow me
    Burn bridges not meant to be

    Shooting spears of stereotyped words
    Expecting them to pierce me
    Using my own historical pain to punch me
    Right where you think it might hurt

    I am stronger than you’ve ever been
    I am weaker than you’ll ever be
    But neither feeling belongs to you
    They are those you’ll never see

    My struggle is within
    You bring yours to my front door
    Thinking yours is mine as well
    But I can’t be the warrior anymore

    I’ve been where there is to be
    I’ve seen what there is to see
    Memories are a motion picture to me
    In the back of my eyes I always see

    Push me harder and just get meaner
    You know I come from sin
    Say things you know nothing about
    You could become what might’ve been


    Vote for My Tramp Stamp!

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    I have two tats, one on my right shoulder and one on my lower back, where they’ve dubbed those tats a “tramp stamp”. So here locally they have a contest where if I get the most votes I’ll win $250 towards another tat. I’m stoked and really want to win it. I want one more tattoo on my left shoulder, the Japanese symbol for power.

    Vote here πŸ™‚

    The tat on my right shoulder is the Japanese symbol for endurance. Yes, I know this for sure.

    The tat on my lower back is a sun.

    My Tramp Stamp

    I like it, there’s a fun story that goes with it. I was on campus at UNT with my friend Monica and we passed the tattoo parlor and of course a few drinks later I was feeling froggy. So as I looked over the wall of tattoos that have been done before I found this one, but it was in color. I’ve always thought color would look cheesy and it fades so I asked if he would do it in black and white, and he did.

    This is where it gets interesting. He’s a biker, all the artists there are bikers and they’re trademark has traditionally been that they hide skulls in their tats, this is their signature. So all the time I’m getting my tat, talking with this guy and my friend and trying not to focus on the steady tirade of needle on dermis.

    After the tat was done, I walked over to the mirror and turned my back to myself and tried my best to be a contortionist and see my tat. From what I could see it looked incredible. He did an amazing job and now I would forever have some interest in searching the tat for a skull.

    He said he didn’t do it with mine but I don’t believe him. I just haven’t found it yet. I’ve considered going back and having some things added to this tat like a white or silver if it’s possible outline of the rays..

    I have lots of ideas for tats I want, but the one I want most and would settle for it being my last is the one on my left shoulder of the japanese symbol for power.

    I feel that having “Power” and “Endurance” on the tops of my shoulders will carry me into my future with the right attitude and outlook and the sun is an ever present reality. There are only 24 hours in a day and it’s up to me to utilize that time in every day to further my goals and dreams.

    So please go vote for me!

    My tat with silver outline

    P.S. make sure you check out that tat for voting above mine, it doesn’t get any trampier than that, I think it’s hilarious!