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We have a problem. Our site is mouthy as hell, so we have a graphically mouthy theme. We like it, it screams at you. However….it loads like we’re waiting on fucking Moses! So I’m trying a few different themes, checking out what loads faster, the different designs out there. So give me some feedback k? Let me know if there’s one I stick up that’s ass ugly and I’ll replace it. No sweat. The reason this is important is because I want you here. Reading this. Not pissed off because the damn thing won’t load. This is really pissing me off because there aren’t a lot of themes out there for our price range (free) that fit the idea.

Call this shameless begging for anyone talented enough to design these types of things. I bow to you, now I beg you-help?

So I’m changing it til it works for everyone. It’s not about design, it’s about mouthy bitches. Because bitches get the job done. You don’t have to like us, we really don’t care, we’re just get shit done, this is in celebration of all the women that know change starts within. Even if you don’t know it yet, stick around, you will.

So tell me if it’s ugly, tell me if you like it. Answer the survey on the right so I know generally who all we’re talking to here, even if you don’t comment.

So speak up. If you are familiar with the whole blogging thing and themes and all that mess, and happen to come across one that kicks ass… kindly point us in that direction and we’ll check it out.

Welcome to all of our guests from thanks to “Shameless Self Promotion” by a good friend – make yourself at home, tell me what you think…tell us what’s buggin you…

You can say whatever you want here. No censoring allowed.

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