Progress Waits for No One, Not Even You

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I’ve said this before and this time won’t be the last, I have big dreams for, what you see here is merely the beginning. I know Monica and I are not the only women in the world who feel the way that we do, this is just a small part of the overall vision I have for this.

The potential growth of this idea has been proven by the initial comments when first started. Lots of other women have commented that this is a great idea. But it’s more than an idea already. This website is the beginning of your voice. Your voice being heard as loud and clear as we can possibly portray it.

When you say something to someone else and verbalize it, your statement takes on a life of it’s own, especially an idea, a goal, or a purpose. You can look in the mirror all day and do affirmations to achieve your goals, but nothing changes until you hold yourself accountable for achieving those goals, or telling someone else about them and they hold you accountable. The first person I told about this idea was my Jason. He said it was fitting to my voice and since then it’s only grown. Not by much, but give me a little time, lol. I do still work an 8 to 5.

This is my way of putting my voice out there, because I know there are a lot of other women out there with a voice, a much louder one than any of us realize. This site is where you can talk, scream, shout, yell, cry, whimper, speak meekly, whatever way you need to get your point across and off your chest, do it.

I couldn’t wait to buy the domain and get started, and I have lots of other things in store for you. The music player to the right is just one of them. I’ve hand picked every song. For it’s anger, for it’s message or for it’s fun, some even for their politics. This is not just my site because I’m a mouthy girl. It’s yours too, this is not me writing for your entertainment, this is our community of women uplifting each other, holding each other accountable and venting our irritations about the bullshit we must deal with to get where we want to go in life.

By our very nature we are stronger, harder working and more goal oriented than our male counterparts, we are also emotional beings. The outside world may never see a tear roll down our faces, but that does not change the feeling within. We are not all the same, we are all different, some of us are geeks, jocks, snobs, gamers, musicians, artists, free thinkers, tight asses, freaks, slobs, it doesn’t matter, we are all women with purpose.

I’ve been told before that I have no right to be as sane as I am. That statement initially took me aback and I was offended, but then I realized it’s a direct product of my own hard work. That’s also a testament to the iron will that we bear as women, when we set a goal and want to do something bad enough, there’s no stopping us.

The song I’ve included today has always been a personal favorite, I think that if you like this song, you can truly call yourself a mouthygirl, we embody a voice that can not be stifled, a drive that can’t be stopped and a temperament of quiet observance for the right moment to take what belongs to us, what we’ve worked and fought for that we deserve.

I’m a bitch. Are you?

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