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Sometimes if I’m not careful, I can find myself panicking. Panicking at the domestic nature that is my life. The Monday through Friday mundane schedule I must keep. I get a little freaked out because I remember swearing to myself that life would never get boring. It’s not that my life is boring, though sometimes it’s hard not to think so. But on any given day I can think of several things I need to do to further my future. This blog is one of them, Sabrina’s Money Matters was the beginning of my venture into this realm.

This time around though, my real voice will be heard. I can’t stand being still. It scares the hell out of me. Last year we bought a house, at the time I felt it was the smartest financial decision we could make in our current situation to help our future. I still believe that, and I knew it would put on us a financial strain, but I wasn’t really as ready as I thought. Being a grown up sucks ass. A friend said, “You gotta live somewhere”, which made total logical sense and now we’ve been in our house for a year. It still is strange sometimes to see the progress I’ve made in life since just a few years ago when I was desolate and getting divorced and fighting for custody and going in the hole financially with no idea how I was going to dig out with my current means.

Six years after my divorce is final here I am in a house, with a wonderful man and over halfway through raising a smart son who is a lot like his mom. šŸ˜‰

Sometimes it seems I’m standing still when really, the progress is gradual and it’s hard to recognize until I step back and notice it on purpose.

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2 thoughts on “Waiting..for..Progress

  1. Panic is something so normal but can be quite terrifying at times too. We all get a little freaked out now and then but in the end, it will go one way or the other. Hopefully, it will go the way we hope for. Thank you for sharing this post with us, Sabrina.

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