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As promised when I sent out this survey, I told you all that you might be featured here….well here’s our first ever survey response from a prominent MouthyGirl!

Rachel is the editor of – who has featured an article from my other site Sabrina’s Money Matters teaching you about locking your credit report. Sabrina’s Money Matters was referred to her by another, yet unnamed but wonderful MommyTalker, and sought me out to get my email address – and ask me to submit a financial post for them…the mommytalkers ate it up and want more so really soon I’m going to have to get Rachel some more articles!

She made my week that week, until recently SMM wasn’t getting much attention, back in the fall I even gave away a Gameboy Advance, but no great increase in attention. Since our “meeting” she has been quite active on and Sabrina’s Money Matters and being a MouthyGirl, vocal is the name of the game. Thank you Rachel for being so mouthy and for giving us a glimpse into your world with this survey.

Previously Rachel said, “All I can say is I am so on the same page! I thought I was a lost breed. It seems lots of ppl in the real world have turned into stepfords…hehe… good to know I’m not the only one who feels that way.” on Who Said I Wanted to Fit in?

So, true to form, here are Rachel’s Survey answers!

    What are some qualities about you that you are proud of?

    I’m a great teacher, friend, wife, always giving 110% in all aspects of my life.

    What would you say your strengths are?

    Independent, self motivated, I know when not to be mouthy and when it’s most important that I am.

    What weaknesses do you recognize about yourself? And do you plan to change anything about them?

    I can’t honestly say I have a weakness that I notice, I’ll have to ask someone close to me… Oh, I got it… I second guess myself sometimes. Sure, I’d love to change that, How can I?

    What is the thing you are most proud of?

    Birthing two healthy beautiful children, and getting a job with www.

    What do you hope to accomplish before you die?

    I hope to raise both of my children to be productive citizens of the world.

    At what age do you think you will be “old”?

    70 or so

    Do you forgive yourself for your mistakes? Are there any you haven’t forgiven yourself for?

    For the most part, I forgive myself. However there is one that I figure I’ll hold on to so I can torture myself a li’l longer…Please! Life is too short, I let all that go! If there isn’t anything you can do to change things then don’t worry about it. I certainly can’t change my mistakes… so forward I move!

    What mark do you hope to leave on the world?

    I don’t care to leave a mark on the world, I want to leave an impression on my children, my family, and my friends. Who am I to mark up the world? Hasn’t the human race done enough freakin’ marking up the planet? LOL… Seriously, I’d Like to leave the impression that anything is possible, That you, yourself are the one who sets your limits, screw the old adage that the sky is the limit, There are no limits! That’s the Impression I want to leave!


    Rachel’s MommyTalk Profile

Thank you Rachel for being our fearless first survey feature!


2 thoughts on “MouthyGirl aka Rachel

  1. I really think these answers truly embody the nature of a MouthyGirl, handling her business. I heard a song a lot when I was younger that never really sank in until long after it stopped getting radio play, titled adequately, “No Future in the Past” by a country singer named Vince Gill. Never truer words were spoken.

    Giving 110% and knowing when there’s a time to talk and a time to listen are key elements not only to happiness, but success as well. Indeed there are no limits, indeed – only your imagination limits your possibilities. Fantastic Answers!

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