What Is a MouthyGirl?

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This is a new page on MouthyGirl.com and I wanted to highlight it for you all today so that you could get a good look at it and in the future look for additions to this on the page itself. If any of you have suggestions, additions, or characteristics that you think are typical of a MouthyGirl, share them in the comments here for everyone to see and we may even add a few we like!

Since the start of this site, just a few short weeks ago I have wanted to write this post. I’ve been mulling it over and thinking of the overall image that we want to present here. It’s not a simple task you see, because we don’t want to represent a MouthyGirl as someone who is loud, obnoxious and rude. Not at all.

To the contrary, we want to project confidence, activism, personality and poise. We are proud women, not stupid women. We are beautiful women because we are not fake women.

Below is a list of qualities I think a MouthyGirl should possess. Among of course many others, feel free to make suggestions, I never want us to project an image that portrays snobbishness, or superiority. That’s not at all the goal here, it’s just that we think you should have pride in what you do, not be a jerk necessarily. But this list will be added to in the future, this is only the beginning of MouthyGirl.com.

Unnecessary cockiness, lying to impress people, making yourself the center of attention at all times and costs – these are NOT the qualities of a MouthyGirl.

    A MouthyGirl always knows what she’s talking about. And backs it up.

    When a MouthyGirl loves, she loves completely.

    She is a true friend that helps you have fun, gives you a shoulder to cry on, and to provide a dose of reality, harsh or not, when you need it.

    A MouthyGirl doesn’t believe in shoving her opinions down your throat, but she is happy to share them when asked. šŸ˜‰

    She will fall, but she’ll always get back up.

    When all the doors are slammed in her face, she picks the lock.

    When a MouthyGirl walks, she looks forward – not down.

    She has ZERO tolerance for bullshit.

    A MouthyGirl doesn’t put all of her business on front street, her business is her own and the few who know any of it are close friends that won’t share it either.

    MouthyGirls make challenging opponents, we are calculating, willing to take risks.

    MouthyGirls dream of success because life seems impossible without it.

    MouthyGirls are passionate people.

We are strong individuals that don’t need to be like everyone else for validation of who we are. There are other sites out there for women, sure. But this is a sassier alternative. As we move along I see a lot happening for MouthyGirl and I want you to be involved in that. The progress of this site after all is dependent upon you and your approval of it. Tell me what makes you a MouthyGirl, because just by defining yourself in that way, you assert an independence, a freedom from conformity

Understand this is not a time for women to make excuses, for crying out loud we have a woman running for president. No matter who you vote for, that says something about the progress of this nation. The support she has recieved and the backing vocally and behind the scenes is indeed impressive for the first female candidate for presidency.

So do not make excuses for reasons you can’t be what you want to be, you certainly can. Tell us what your goals are, what you feel your purpose is so that we can relate with you, possibly help you and ideally make you realize you can do it and there’s no reason to doubt yourself.


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