7 thoughts on “Success for You?

  1. @sabrina, you will accomplish what you want… perhaps we will start our own site and you can work from home… mouthymommas…lol it could happen!

  2. Success is being able to breathe a sigh of relief and actually achieving that goal you are going after. It’s when you say, “YES!” and start doing a little dance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I about fell out of my chair when you mentioned your munchkins’ aim. We just beat that one, not completely but mostly. We started making him mop his floor and clean the toilet (he’s 10 though). That effectively broke him of that, we just told him if he’s too sleepy to pay attention, sit down. LOL.

    I remember once when I took my son to a court hearing with me, we were sitting in the gallery and the entire room was silent, and my gem shouted, “My mama’s got a BIG butt!”

    Don’t know where that came from, but to add insult to injury the judge says, “Ma’am, please take the child out of the courtroom.” Out I was, nearly instantly!

    Here’s to success!

  4. Success for me is when my four year old pees IN the toilet and not over it. Success for me is when I work for hours on a killer dinner and my husband actually notices! Success for me is when I can make it through that all-important interview/date without cussing, spilling something, or popping a button. (Yes, Ive done all three before.) Success for me is when I get my hens to lay fresh eggs all through the worst of winters. Success for me is when Im in a new group of people and my son doesnt blurt out ‘Mama farts!’.
    Ah yes, sweet success.

  5. @ Susan, I know what you mean all too well. Stressful times mean less sleep for me as well. And suffice it to say I haven’t been sleeping very well lately. :/

    @ Rachel, and what a resounding success to one up the 8-5 world. Of course it has it’s stresses, but what a wonderful accomplishment! That’s something I’ve been after now for a long time. Hence some of my guest posts on DailyTelecommuter.com, and IveTriedThat.com. One day I’ll have that…..one day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. So far in this life I have gotten everything I have ever wanted two children and a home that will be mine in …lets see 24 more years. A job where I can be here for my children and not have them in day care, thats my success. I know that is so simple but thats all I ever wanted! Thats part of my success, My success has NO monetary value! The last part will be what kind of humans I raise, will they be kind, loving, strong spirited, non-conformist people, will they feed the hungry, will they make a difference? If they do then I succeed!

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