Scathing Review on the Way?

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For the first time ever I broke my resolve and paid for a promotion of this site. I’ve been running Sabrina’s Money Matters for almost a full year, in fact, Monday will be exactly one year I believe. When I started this all I wanted to do was break even, and never spend anything on publicity unless there was money being made.

Well I broke even on SMM quite some time ago. I normally wouldn’t cave to such a thing, but I’ve been reading a site lately, that I like very much. I appreciate the point of view, the sarcasm, the criticism. All of it. I’m not a big baby that can’t handle criticism, come on, I work with lawyers. Texas lawyers at that. Nuff said.

But I gotta fess up, this is a labor of love and I’m biting my nails.

We shall see…I’ll link to it if it’s positive, if it’s not I might still anyways and maybe be a little mouthy about it. We’ll see.

:Fingers Crossed:

I’m gonna go try to relax and wait.

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5 thoughts on “Scathing Review on the Way?

  1. Well now, the review is in and Im wondering what you think. Im sure youre going to be gracious and kind….not my strong points.

  2. I’ve been reading a blog, I share the belief that you can’t get rich and he’s offered a $10 review that is promised at 300 words. I thought it might be fun to get a male bloggers’ viewpoint on šŸ˜‰

    Of course if I don’t like it, it will absolutely fuel some mouthiness, I think we can be sure of this. Sabrina’s Money Matters is at I must confess I’ve neglected it since I started – but check it out, there’s lots of stuff there that can help you with your financial and credit needs.

    Beanbags = relax Have a good Sunday!

  3. Ok, Im officially confused. You paid for site promo….from Where is Sabrinas Money Matters? Who is this girl Sabrina? (Just kidding on that one.)
    I dont understand the whole blog/ads/affiliates thing. Im blown away by the fact that folks are making money doing this blogging stuff but I havent a clue how it works.
    I hope this new site (whatever is it) is what youre looking for (whatever that is) and that if its not positive (whats not positive about beanbags?) you get Mouthy about it.

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