Strong Enough to Bend

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I received a few pictures today from a lawyer that I work with, who was a professional photographer at one time. One particular set of photos that I received inspired me today to write this post. The photos reminded me of a song that came out when I was a child by a great country singer (I’m diverse I listen to all music.) It’s definitely a corny song now, but it still carries a powerful message.

The point of the song is to say a tree will stand almost forever if it can withstand bending from the wind and rain and harsh weather that comes it’s way.

One of these pictures is a view from the top, the most intricate part of the flower is seen here.

    Flower on a Tree Limb top view

I like the symbolism in this photo, you see a beautiful flower in bloom and looking like it’s exploding out of an otherwise inanimate tree. It’s incredible and shows that beauty can come through great diversity, by that flower breaking through the bark of the tree, it really broke a barrier to show itself. We do the same thing as women. Expecting to know everything in our teenage years and early twenties is a dream, you can’t possibly know everything, but as we get older and live through things and experience life, we learn and we get better.

This is another view from the side, a great shot of the size and strength of the stem that it needed to break through that bark and rise to the occasion of a sunrise. I think these photos meant something entirely different to the photographer, but to me they symbolize that adversity doesn’t mean you can’t still shine, it just means it might take just a little more fighting to reach that sunrise, that awakening.

    Flower on a tree stem view

It grew a smaller branch and then out pops a beautiful bloom. Life is like that, it’s a growing experience. You have to go through a few storms and some damage most of the time to get to that point where beauty is what becomes apparent through all of that. Where what turns out of all that, is a complete metamorphosis in an otherwise unexpected place.

Are you strong enough to bend? Have you finally started seeing the sunrise through all the adversity? Life is a learning experience, not a race to the finish. Life is so incredibly short and so hard sometimes that focusing on the end product and trying to get through the workday because someday it will all be worth it, is just no way to look at life, stop worrying about years from now, a time you can’t relate to.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about five year plans and goals and dreams, they keep you motivated and on the right track. But if you don’t stop and realize that what gets you there is just as important as the place you’re going, life becomes a rat race where you’re running to an unknown end.

My point is that life has with it a few struggles and you’re foolish if you think hard stuff won’t come your way. However, you don’t have to let hard times be your downfall. Take a breath, take a walk and think about a better time when things get hard and realize you are not alone. We all have catastrophes and bad luck, it’s how we react to that and if we learn from it that makes a difference.

Be forward moving yes, but don’t be in a hurry and miss the growing pains that brought out your beauty.


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