You Get What You Pay For…

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Well I was SUPER excited to see the review was up over at Can’t Get Rich. Then I read it.


I should’ve known better. Asking a man what he thinks about a woman’s point of view is almost ALWAYS a mistake. You see, I thought it would be fun. Homie’s getting an education (I could tell because of his email address) and I thought, okay so this could be good, he’s a student – someone forward thinking.

Um, wrong.

I knew already about the issues he pointed out. I took off the RSS button because I got tired of fooling with it, the search bar up there is coming off too….but I wasn’t making changes because I wasn’t happy with the theme anyways. So the review didn’t end up being helpful. It was the equivalent of asking a man to tell you what he’s thinking. It’s never as much as you thought it would be.

So thanks Captain Obvious. At least I didn’t spend much, sure coulda used a six pack instead.

I’ve been reading Can’t Get Rich since his guest post on, but I think maybe he got lucky and didn’t think his post would be used. So now we have a review from a not so well known blogger, who may not be all that committed to the cause. I mean, really, his email is still at his local university – no personal email? I set myself up though. Just goes to show, your first instinct is always right and impulse buys are not smart.

But I’ve wasted more on dumber things, so no big loss….LOL.

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4 thoughts on “You Get What You Pay For…

  1. I don’t think I’d call it sexist, I think I’d call it disappointed. Touche of the known problems, that could’ve been made easier, granted. However, a sexist view towards guys I think not…if you’ve gotten that impression, I’m sorry. It’s all in fun.

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