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Did you hear the crowd gasp? I did.

Women like sex. Sure some of us like it less, some of us like it more, some of us like it freaky and some of us like it plain. But we do like it.

What we’ve been talking about this week is need fulfillment. We can find so many ways in which to be fulfilled and dance around the subject, but let’s face it, sex is fulfilling in so many ways. It’s even scientific! It’s fun, it makes you feel sexy, beautiful and good. Because if it doesn’t feel that way then you are not doing it for the right reasons. Having sex is for the person having it, not the one that you’re having it with. If it is not just as enjoyable for you as it is them, there’s something wrong with this picture.

Not every woman has the emotional make-up to be a friend with benefits, or fuck buddy as we so fondly call it. It sounds so chummy that way. šŸ˜‰

Some of you don’t care about sex, and that’s fine. But women all too often have sex for the person they’re having it with instead of themselves. It’s not a shameful thing to enjoy sex. It’s human, natural and expected! Even the bible tells you so.

Ultimately, you must be true to you. If you can handle it, do it, if you can’t – don’t hate on the ones that can. A lot of us have caught ourselves thinking that someone is a slut if she’s dressed provocatively and walks by in front of us, you might even mutter under your breath. But don’t do that, you don’t know how hard she works or what kind of hardships she has in life, judging based on appearance is shallow, heartless and ridiculous.

You see a girl flirting blatantly with someone and want to hate on how obvious she’s being, realize you’ve probably done the same thing, or have wanted to, so don’t be mad at her for having her game face on.

Confidence is the underlying issue I think for women, and you are going to have to realize that only you can celebrate you the way that you deserve. We don’t have to compete against each other because there are plenty of men out there.

I don’t think I believe in true love, so that “one for you” in my opinion is a myth. I think you have to find the one that makes you the most comfortable being you. The one who likes it when you’re you. And the one you like when he’s himself.

In the meantime, why not be safe and not sleep around with every date you go on but find someone that you can trust to have sex with and just fill that need for each other. There are rules though to keep yourself from falling for him, so that you know there won’t be an issue when you do meet someone special.

Yep, there are rules.

    1. Pick someone who is a friend that you are comfortable with, of course that you are hot for.

    2. He has to have nothing you want in a man, except that one thing of course.

    3. You never want this guy to meet your family.

    4. You have to feel safe with them.

    5. You have to be 100% honest with them and tell them that your intentions are simple, not complicated and that this is all you want from him.

    6. Be able to walk away without looking back.

They make sense don’t they? Someone you won’t settle for that takes care of one need for you. Easy to walk away, and for him as well. It has to be a mutual agreement.

If you find that you walk away and start having feelings, you need to realize this may not be for you. And that’s okay. We can’t all do it and that’s what makes us individual and different, we are all capable of different things, but that doesn’t mean we have to be competitive or be like that, it just means that we’re different and that’s all.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Women Like Sex

  1. What is that song….Save a horse ride a cowboy? LOL – that song actually started getting on my nerves the 234th time I heard it. I think the guilt instilled in the Baptist (I was raised baptist) or any religion for that matter is ridiculous. So what if Mary had an immaculate conception with Jesus, there is some speculation that there were children before and after Jesus, so even Mary was getting down on it!

    She may not have been a freak of course, but we all know that even prostitutes were around then, they were just not looked upon favorably by anyone but those she slept with- which is hypocrisy in it’s truest form – good for the goose, but not the gander.

    I can understand why casual sex is scary to some, because even that is about finding the right “buddy” – not just any old guy will do. The purpose of a buddy is to be safer, for both of you. I can understand completely why that would freak you out.

    I found out my last husband was having casual sex with other people and got a little freaked out by that – very soon I freaked him out with a D-I-V-O-R-C-E. LOL.

  2. I think a woman sexual desires have been held back for along time. Not to bring religion in here but I was raised both catholic and baptist two ends of the christian spectrum but the one thing they had in common was sex guilt. catholic was just plain guilt the other was pure abomination to hell:) I am married and did have a small taste of casual sex- it was fun while it lasted but then had a little fear when I found out he was sleeping with ALOT of other girls-scary.
    Truly I can go on and on about the suffocation of female sexuality but I will save you the lecture. I still struggle with being forward I suffer from my catholic guilt- I need to work on being more forward-be a cowgirl and mount my horse so to speak.

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