1st Time for Everything

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It’s more than just an old country song or expression, it’s true. We celebrate firsts when it’s our little ones, but do you celebrate your firsts? What was a particular first that you had that you’ll never forget? Or several of course….


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  1. My first kiss, Rick Burnett, The first time I drove a car, I was only 13 felt so powerful! “my first time” having sex, making love, fucking what ever you want to call it… with my bf at 16 he’s now my husband…My first kiss with him I cant ever forget that. My first paycheck at 14, My first A on a test in HS, I didnt get many,hehe. My first fist fight with a boy, in the 5th grade christopher was his name sorry ass whimp. I remember the first time I drank to get drunk, the first time I puked from drinking, the first time I smoked pot, My first date, Jesse took me to see clutch in 93′ I remember the first time I heard Jesse speak the words I love you… I remeber the first time I was on stage and the sick feeling I got from it. The first time I got an award for art work, I remember my first period…I remember the first and only time I have ever saw a shooting star. I remember my first touch down, my first home run, the first race I won on skates…never won a race on my feet:(. I remeber my first grown up job, at a furniture company in NC where I wore business cloths and all…woohoo that was something. I remeber the first time I saw the Black Crowes and how awesome I felt afterward, I remember most everything, I have one of those memories so this could get really long.I’ll stop here:)

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