The Only Thing Stopping You is YOU

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Recently, like I do sometimes, I was complaining about pressure at work, not having enough time to do things, not making enough money, etc. You know the drill. My best friend, Monica (yes, the other writer here) said something to the effect of, “Get some damn business cards and give me some and start building websites! You have something you can do to make extra money, now just do it. The only thing stopping you is you.” Isn’t she helpful? LOL

She’s right. It’s far easier to piss and moan about things and situations that leave you feeling helpless than it is to do something about it. So I said, “You’re right, I do need to do it, shut up and just do it”. And you know what, I haven’t even ordered them yet. Nope. I’m getting in my own damn way again.

Often we have the tools to change our game up and shake things up to make them a little better. We overlook skills and abilities in ourselves and begin to think all we are is our job description.

Today I’m taking one step closer to my future when I do more work on an ebook I’m cowriting. With plans to have my part of it done by Sunday, we can start marketing it and help people dig themselves out of a hole.

You might hear about it on Sabrina’s Money Matters, but I probably won’t promote it here…

Today is Good Friday a good day to take one step closer to a dream, a goal or a purpose…what are you going to do today?


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