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I just signed up for Twitter…which is really cool because you can text in comments or whatever…I’m gonna see if I can install a widget here to allow the twitter posts to be posted here as well. I can text like a ninja and I know Monica can too… so this just might keep us all a bit more connected and I’m all for that.

I think it would be awesome to build a network up so that when one of us is maybe having a bad day, we can all send funnies, or encouragement along the line to boost our step. Or even for jokes, frustrations, greetings, happy birthdays…the list goes on. Here’s another new thing we’re trying.

If you want to join, here’s the home page for MouthyGirl:
or click here.

You can update from the web or from your cell phone texting feature. We’ll try it out and see what happens. Sign up and be part of the community of!

Check it out, it has the potential to be really cool I think, as long as you all join me!

Snoop Dogg is even on Twitter .


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