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Guilty as charged, I’ve neglected this summary of the week’s posts. But here I am…ready to dole them out for you…so sit tight. Some of you have probably noticed a few changes, some of you might have even noticed different themes I was trying out yesterday, in the hopes of finding a good one. The one we have is bearable, but not sufficient of our voice. I’ve found several that have great potential. So I’m working a little on the coding with some to maybe find a good medium. That’s a work in progress. If any of you run across a theme somewhere else on another blog that you think might look good here until we have enough scraped up to pay for a custom one, put the link in a comment and I’ll check it out.

Here’s a new gadget that I added to my MySpace page….don’t laugh, it’s a great tool for keeping up with old friends.

The new gadget is called a headline animator..

Pretty cool, no? I think it is. It’s a great little rolling advertisement..I have one there for Sabrina’s Money Matters as well. Here’s a link to my MySpace if any of you want to check that out…Sabrina’s MySpace.

Okay, on with the Sunday Memoirs I promised I’d dole out…

Monday we were Talking about Sex and that got a little feedback we were pleased with….and a survey that let us in on how often you think about sex.

Later that day, I reviewed a review I received at, click the link to see what I thought.

Then I shared a joke about an Obedient Wife that was pretty funny.

Tuesday Monica Turned the Tables on the opposite sex…which we all love to do every now and then one way or another, right?


Wednesday the question was posed, To Be or NOT to be? a stirring post about our views.

Thursday we talked about the idea that Women Like Sex which is not a shock to me, but could be to some.

Friday I talked about getting in my own way of my goals. It happens all too often.

Later Friday we talked about our firsts, which we’ve all had…I’d like to see a few more people share their firsts, I’m going to go share a few of mine. Some of them not so great.

Yesterday I started a Twitter for and linked to it so you can follow it. I also added a widget in the sidebar that updates and there will be a daily update of twitter comments…I hope you’ll join me.

I also asked your opinion on starting a page of endorsed products and the feedback on that so far has been very positive, so I’ve started the page, I’ll let you all know when the page is put up.

Yesterday evening was the first Daily Update from Twitter, the jury’s still out on that, I’d love some feedback.

So feel free to go back and make your voice heard on any and all old posts if you like, make yourself at home here!

This has been another episode of Sunday Memoirs. Thank you for playing!

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