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Last night I watched a show produced by Oprah called “The Big Give”, I’ll waste no time explaining this one…the competitors have to see who can give away the money they are alotted to people who need it in the most creative ways possible, and have no money left when they return from their mission.

Have any of you seen this? It’s incredible! Last night one of the competitors went to an Auto shop and paid $500 towards every car’s tab in the lot. Just as he was about to leave, one of the employee’s said that the following day, he was paying for every oil change that came through the door.

Incredible. Have any of you seen it? What did you think? If you haven’t seen it, will you be looking for it? It came on ABC…

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4 thoughts on “The Big Give

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  2. Sounds like something I might watch…nice change from the crap that’s normally on… who knows maybe next week I’ll be on the show and they will be paying off my house or something..I sure could use that. 🙂

  3. Last night they were each charged with giving away $100,000.00, no more than $500 (which they couldn’t give directly in cash) per person or $10,000.00 per location. It was really tricky for some of them and for some of them it wasn’t tricky at all. Very intriguing show and definitely a reality show I can get into.

    Will you be looking for it next Sunday?

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