Climbing the Ladder

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My boss made a joke shortly after we agreed that I would be the new “Legal Assistant” that now I would be overworked and underpaid even more than before. I didn’t know he was serious. I really thought it was a joke.

I’m snowed under with copying and letters and pleadings, oh my!

Anyone else ever learn their way into a position that has lots of learning to cover?

Update: Today was a rough day…I had to copy documents for discovery in a case and the copier started acting stupid and jamming up just as I was finishing up one case and still had to work on another. Stressful!

Sometimes life doles cards I’m not sure I can handle and wonder if I’ll have to fold…

But it’s all over now, I’m home and peace is restored.


2 thoughts on “Climbing the Ladder

  1. grammar, ah please, who cares about that anymore? Check out for an ego boost on that grammar issue…his grammar and spelling are for the dogs and he frequently gets comments about it, but his attitude (and I agree) is if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Most people aren’t reading his blog for the grammar and spelling anyways….lol. will be one of the first to get a MouthyGirl T-shirt – which will be hilarious to see him wear but at the same time awesome, but Shoemoney is awesome.

  2. learned my way into the job I have now… totally wild way to be where I’m at… a phone call “you want to work with Mommytalk?”
    “ok, your the new editor”
    “ok?”lemme know if you need help,
    Mommytalk is on a very small budget so you wont get much”
    blah blah blah
    (Still in my head OMGOD I GOT A JOB!)
    Little did the person on the phone know that I would be his worst nightmare when it comes to asking questions…hehe… he loves it though!

    I never had any experience in the editing field and if you havent noticed I cant type and I have super shitty grammer… so hows this gonna work out???? šŸ™‚

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