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Ever hear that? Um, how annoying. No I SHOULDN’T be more like ANYONE! First of all if you’ve ever said that to someone and actually thought it would help them in some way – hate to break it to ya…that doesn’t help anything, and furthermore, it pisses people off. No one likes to be compared to someone else, much less be expected to be like someone else.

Besides we have enough of that, people are already following the latest commercial, watching what the commercials tell them too, etc. We are an automated people with no stimulation to our brains and intellectual side unless we seek it out.

Screw following the crowd and blending in. This is my town baby and I’m striping it green!

Sorry I got a little carried away there. I swear, had I been born in the times of the Great Janis Joplin and Woodstock and bras being burned and women talking back to those men who used to think being abusive was “laying down the law”, I would have been some kind of Hell raiser!

I want a Bentley Lord, won’t ya please buy me one?

Don’t be like anyone else and give a dirty look if someone ever says that to you because they deserve it. However if you hear someone pretending to be you, based on the situation it could either be flattering or insulting.

Example…My sister in law came over Sunday and her son and daughter came too of course, during the course of them playing with my son, Alexis, my neice in law was not allowed entry to the bedroom – it was some sort of game they were playing. Anyways, I hear Alexis say at the door, “This is Sabrina, ya’ll are going to get a spanking if you don’t open this door.”

I almost fell out of my chair! I told them I was mean so they wouldn’t act up, which worked of course, but apparently came back to bite me! I really thought that it was hilarious, I am a strict mom but come on I don’t spank other people’s children! But I did go say something to her about it, because she was lying to the kids on the other side of the door and trying to use intimidation. Ha! Me intimidating. I guess to them I am. LOL.

So yeah, I thought it was cute so I wasn’t insulted. But being like someone else is ridiculous and all you’ll do is lose yourself, and not like Eminem.


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  1. @jessica the only time I ever heard that comment “you shoudl be more like” was when someone was comaparing another to someone eles wo was is a light better then the person who was getting those words said to them. johnny your bad you should bemore like your brother…hes a good boy that sort of thing… i havetnever heard it and it eman something good

  2. Ah, yes, I have heard that phrase now and then and it is quite annoying. You see it on television too being used a lot…like, “Paris Hilton should be more like, I don’t know, Jennifer Aniston.” I remember watching Ellen one morning and she was saying something about a fan coming up to her and saying that she looks like his cousin. It’s like…”Thanks? I have no clue what your cousin looks like, but I hope it’s a positive comment!” The same can be said about “You should be more like…” People don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but for the most part, it’s for a “good” thing. I mean, how do we KNOW what the person is doing all the time? If someone says, “Oh, you should be more like the mayor.” Well, how in the world can he/she be more like the mayor??!! This phrase has always puzzled me and I totally know what you’re saying…don’t be in the crowd, be unique and have happiness in your life.

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