The Price I Pay?

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I am trapped beneath the thumb of my employer. I am bound by the income on which I rely. I long for the day when I can say, “Take this job and shove it” and go to work at home, this has been my desire since I was a child.

I think several times I’ve gotten in my own way and hindered what could’ve been. But no more. Learning what I am is great and all, but how will it help me in the future? Will I carry this knowledge and use it beyond this place? I’m not so sure. I’ve spent a lot of years working my way into the medical world and now I’m beginning to think trading that in may not have been smart.

But then, I’m having a bad day, I’ve been talked down to, blamed for other’s mistakes and treated like a servant – all before noon.

This could very well be my just desserts for not sticking with some of the things I started. At the time I make decisions, sometimes they are emotional decisions and not necessarily logical ones. But just the same, I feel I’m paying penance for transgressions I may or may not have committed.

Is it worth it? I’m beginning to wonder. ๐Ÿ˜•

Rest assured however this is serving as a catalyst to my seeking a WAH job as a transcriptionist, which I have the experience for, just no luck finding a full time at home job that I can live off of…I will be looking though. Greener pastures and all that jazz.


3 thoughts on “The Price I Pay?

  1. Not wrong at all, I get in my own way a lot! Trapped is a frame of mind that I find myself in a lot. But it’s my perspective I think that needs to change, and myself.

    Seems like deja vu as I just mentioned this recently here and find myself doing it yet again.

    I have a habit of letting a bad day get to me, which happens if I have a few in a row, however that being said, I’m feeling a little better about it today and I’ve been plastering my name all over the web today looking for freelance work.

    Additionally, I freelance working on one of the websites for my current employer too, so I should probably quit my bitchin’ and get to work. LOL.

    I’m always so grateful for your take care too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. youhere it knocking… Don’t ya Sabrina! Open he fucking door!
    This goes back to the whole success thing the other day. sounds like you already made the choice to open the door… to succeed! thats great!
    if transcription is what you want to do my friend then you’ll find a way… How about sending letters to every office in your tri county area and stating that you will do all the transcriptions for them for say 50 cents less an hour then what they have now. you know ppl who have many usually will do anything to keep it.that even means firing thier transcriptionist to hire a girl who will do it for less… then in a few months up the price a tad… you know for something or other…
    you can do it.

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