Prose? Who Knows

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Never one to give myself a second look
Entertain the possibility
That maybe I’d catch the eye
Of someone else

Naive and unaware
You were watching me
With those eyes so curious
What lies beneath my thoughts and goals
Has surprised you

These eyes look forward
To the doors coming up ahead
To you I’m a curiosity
An idea that forms in your head

A person to conquer
You quest for realism in my dream world
You bring my dreams down
Picking over them with your words

You stand back in mock surprise
When my nature shows it’s wild
Crying hurt and innocent
After the drama you created

Behind these eyes is a fire
Like none you’ve ever seen
Flames that swallow me
Burn bridges not meant to be

Shooting spears of stereotyped words
Expecting them to pierce me
Using my own historical pain to punch me
Right where you think it might hurt

I am stronger than you’ve ever been
I am weaker than you’ll ever be
But neither feeling belongs to you
They are those you’ll never see

My struggle is within
You bring yours to my front door
Thinking yours is mine as well
But I can’t be the warrior anymore

I’ve been where there is to be
I’ve seen what there is to see
Memories are a motion picture to me
In the back of my eyes I always see

Push me harder and just get meaner
You know I come from sin
Say things you know nothing about
You could become what might’ve been


3 thoughts on “Prose? Who Knows

  1. OooHh, very nice, very nice. *applause* I did not do great in poetry, haha, I would rhyme the weirdest words together and it would make no sense at all! Plus, telling a story using rhymes…that did not go well. At first, I thought this post was song lyrics too and I started reading it! When I realized it wasn’t, well…I want an acoustic version of this song in the future. šŸ˜‰

    Hehe, if you don’t mind me asking, how long did it take you to write this? It flows beautifully!

  2. Whoa, Sabrina!

    Long past our Creative Writing class days aren’t we?

    That was really good and I just cannot find the words to critique properly.

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