Sunday Memoirs

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I vowed not to forget this week and seven hours ago wrote the title….and that’s all I’d done on this post until just now. I was working on a site for work. So now I’ve taken a break from that so that I can put this up here for you lovely ladies.

Some of you may be getting dizzy with all the design changes, I just can’t seem to find one I like, this one will do for now.

  • The Big Give was a show I wanted to share with you guys on Monday morning that’s coming on again tonight (Sunday), should be a really good one!

    On Tuesday I whined a little about Climbing the Ladder because of a stressful day. Yeah, poor me right? I should be glad I have a job.

    Wednesday I asked if You Choose Success or if it chooses you, lots of opinions on that one…

    Thursday we talked about not following the crowd because we lose ourselves in trying to be like others.

    Friday I whined some more. I’ll try to hold that crap back more, had a rough week, sorry. 🙁

    Yesterday I asked you all to Vote for My Tramp Stamp and several of you did, thank you all very much. I’ll be updating that post soon with a picture of the tat on my shoulder, I just didn’t have one yesterday to share with you.

    Then later yesterday I penned the first poem I’ve written in years. I surprised myself with that one.

    Hope you enjoyed this week’s posts and will stick around for more, feel free to go and have your say on any and all of them.

    If you liked this post don’t miss anymore!

    Tune in tomorrow, same channel!


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