Is Tipping Going TOO Far?

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This morning I was listening to a local radio show, Chris & Mel in the morning…funny people. I flip radio stations because I am a music lover with ADD, once the song is over or even once I’m bored with it, I’m on to the next station unless I’m interested in the conversation. Which I’m not usually.

Today though, they struck a nerve with me. I am really getting tired of seeing tip cups in certain places. If you make minimum wage, and I’m not talking about waitress minimum wage, but if you make over $5.00 – 6.00 an hour, I’m probably not going to tip you unless you’re bringing food to my door. Yes, I tip the pizza person, nicely too. And waitstaff, very nicely.

I’ll drop a $5 tip on a $12 tab if it’s just me and I didn’t have to ask for anything, that’s service I don’t even get at home. Yep, I’ll pay for it.

On the radio they were discussing tipping for maid service in hotels. I think that when you sign all your crap for your room, they should make mention of the maid service and how they’re paid, if it’s up to you to make they’re living for them they should let you know that.

A lady called in and she and Chris agreed that you choose your job. This is where I totally had a moment and wanted to call in, but I have this so it’s better. 😈

I totally think you choose your job and you can make your life better and move up the ladder. Trust me, I used to work in a gas station after high school. I’ve worked my way into the medical field and now into the legal field, it is possible you just can’t be an idiot.

I’ve seen tip cups at A&W where all they do is grab your food off of a line and stick it in a bag. Come on!

What do you think about all this, is tipping going too far?


4 thoughts on “Is Tipping Going TOO Far?

  1. I will tip, for sure, but I’m a good tipper, I’m not too cheap or anything. The people who don’t leave ANY tips, not even a single dollar, that is just mean and well, I frown upon that. I mean, I know they must have an excellent reason why they don’t leave a tip but still. I think the people who deliver to the person’s doorstep needs a nice tip too…I’ve heard of people who order food that’s like, $39.55 and just give the delivery person $40, grab the food and mutter a quick, “Thanks! Keep the change!” Grrr…:evil:

  2. i dont know, i love tipping people makes me feel like i am actually helping someone out. plus if you dont you get sub standard service, since people really like tips!

  3. I say I totally am on the same page as you sabrina…

    and kudos for being a good tipper when tipping is nessesary! I like to think I am a good tipper most of the time too…

    I waited tables for a short time in my very young adult life. the biggest tip I ever got was 20$ the tab was for a beer and a slice of pizza…I don’t know if the southeren gentalmen liked my red locks or my service but it was nice to get that tip:)

    I really hate that there is a tip jar at the local dunkin doughnuts… I know those girls are getting 6.50 an hour… I could see if they were only making waitress wages but come on…

  4. I am with you all the way. It isn’t just about the fact that you choose your job but the fact that I already paid for the service you provided, I didn’t just pay for the meat, cheese and bread I payed for you to make it to- I can make a sandwich at home. THe tip cup irritates me I will decide if you get a tip- I will hand it to you and say thanks!
    Everyone can grow-there are programs etc. to help any person who is willing to put the time in- last night on home makeover a single mom lived at a homeless shelter took 8 buses to a work study program graduated from college and works as a social worker- that’s awesome!

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