Bad Lawyers!

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Not to toot my boss’s horn but, damn are there a lot of BAD lawyers out there! New client today, former attorney MUCKED UP his whole case! Poor guy is paying spousal support when the ex is putting it in her veins (proven) living with a boyfriend and his father and our client has the kids!

If you have a bad lawyer – you know it. You know it when they don’t return your calls after you’ve made eight of them. You know it when they treat you like crap. Make a bad lawyer withdraw.

If you have a bad lawyer, make him withdraw! Get rid of them, it takes SO MUCH work and more money on your part to keep going with them than it would if you ditch them when you realize they’re bad and look for a good one. Ask friends, coworkers, bosses for a recommendation – but this is DEFINITELY the time to ask for other’s opinions for a good lawyer.

They are hard to find – and honestly, you get what you pay for, but even some high priced attorneys suck really bad. Don’t do that to yourself!

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Heritage and Health

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I come from a long line of people that don’t take very good care of themselves. We drink, we smoke, we curse…and all sorts of other sins that won’t be mentioned here.


I did however have one shining example of self preservation in my Grandmother. She quit smoking when I was young, probably younger than 10, but I do remember the packs of nicotine gum sitting around the house on various shelves. I tried one once – super nasty!

But she did quit successfully and from that point forward the only person who could smoke in her house was her brother, my great Uncle Sonny. A few times a week she would walk around the block, and then down to Illinois Avenue which was half a mile from her house down to that road, so she would round trip a mile. When us girls were younger we would walk with her and she would stop at the middle school on the way and let us play on their playground.

That was back when Oak Cliff wasn’t so much a ghetto. We didn’t know then that she was just taking care of herself, going that extra mile to ensure her health for the long term. But in that I learned that no one will take care of you like you can take care of you.

But the point is that you have to make the effort to be healthy, your doctor can tell you what to do, your husband can tell you what you should be doing, even your kids – but it takes you to do it.

Now, I have a confession. I haven’t been taking very good care of myself. I’ve allowed myself to gain weight and eat a bad diet and drink a lot. And I mean DRINK A LOT. I won’t stop drinking, but I have cut it down quite a bit and will continue to do this in moderation – sometimes.

But my diet I will do something about, and my weight I will do something about. I bought a treadmill several years ago in an attempt to take care of the issue then, which has since grown worse – but damn treadmills are EXTREMELY boring! I need action – motivation – movement! Treadmills. Are. Not. That. I sold it to my brother in law a year or two ago for less than half the price and he uses it for running when there’s bad weather.

But today, on my lunch break, I’m going to a gym called Curves. I’m not sure if any of you are familiar – and if you are please share your opinions here – but it’s a gym strictly for women, which is very cool considering my body image right now.

I’ve worked out at an all women’s gym before and I enjoyed it, didn’t feel like I was being stared at – and I went five days a week, sometimes six and loved it. I like working out, just not the expense.

The truth is, to save a dollar I will neglect my health. In a heartbeat. But the time has come for me to reorganize my priorities and realize if I don’t take care of this body, it won’t be taking care of me.

When I called them yesterday and set up the appointment to come check them out, I inquired about monthly fees and contracts, etc. and I think I can do this without worrying about a contract, but we’ll see. I’m turning the page on this history of mine of not taking care of business.

If all goes according to plan, this turn of the page will be towards a brighter future. Next year, preferably before my birthday (April 5) I want to have Lasik done. šŸ˜Æ

But for today, baby steps, I’m checking out Curves and probably going to start working out before work several days a week. I’ll have to reorganize when I write for MouthyGirl – but don’t worry, there’ll be plenty to read! I’ll keep you all up to date on my progress, and maybe when I’ve lost a few pounds I’ll put up a timeline.

Hmm…anybody want to jump on this bandwagon to better health? What are you going to do to be a healthier, better you?


MouthyGirl uses T-Mobile

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I’ve had a T-Mobile account for something like five years now, close to that anyways, maybe four. Overall I would say I’m pretty well satisfied with the service. I’ve used Sprint, which sucks. I’ve used other companies I can’t recall now because it’s been so long, and I’ve thought about switching to some other company before for the options in cell phones, or for various reasons.

But overall I’d say I’m satisfied. The customer service is incredible, the people are nice on the phone and have always thanked me for being a customer, every call – never fails. I like that – I like that I utilize a company that is hip to the customer service game. Having been a “customer service specialist” in a call center before (at a medical center but that’s beside the point) I really get irritated with bad service. That’s not a beef I have with T-Mobile.

I realize every cell phone company is going to drop a call or two, and you need to read the fine print on those that brag about the least amount of dropped calls, because usually they’re referencing a time from years ago, but if you’re just listening you don’t know that. Last time I watched a Cingular commercial they were saying they don’t drop calls and their fine print told me that the time mentioned was for a time four years prior!

Truth in advertising my butt. Regardless, I like TMo, they have great commercials and the Fav Five is an awesome little feature, turns out I do call a certain five people pretty regularly! Wow! I don’t lose calls a lot, it’s so seldom I can’t remember the last time.

The only thing I would criticize is their upgrade policy and contract termination policy. It’s a fee per line when you terminate, and though I started with one, I have three now. And you have to wait a year and a half for the full discount new customers get when you want to upgrade your phone. To boot, when you upgrade you have to sign a new contract if you want the discount – for the full discount right now you have to resign for two more years.

Now you know cell phone technology, it’s ever changing, in four months your new phone that cost you $400.00 is now being given away free as an incentive because there’s better technology out to charge $400 per phone for!

But for customer service, reliability, range and overall usability – I would advocate T-Mobile. I’ve stuck with them for four years, that’s a pretty big deal for me! I give them three and a half stars out of five.


MouthyGirl Plays the Wii

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We’ve had the Wii here now for about a year. We initially bought ours from someone we found on Craigslist and got kind of a sweet package deal. Seems our seller discovered that the Wii is a multiple player geared game. Indeed.

I’ve never been into video games, despite the craze taking up the entirety of my generation, I unlike my classmates was working for my Grandmother during the summers as early as 12 years old because I wanted to learn her trade for one, and I needed to earn my own money so that I could eat at school and buy odds and ends for the house. So from the age I would’ve been getting acquainted with games and all that I was working and didn’t have the energy, or the game systems. That was not even a possibility in our home.

Regardless of all that, every now and then I’ll play Pacman, I’ve played games over the internet, on my various cell phones, when the time came for me to kill time – which I’ll tell you, isn’t often.

However, with the Wii I like to play. We started out having Wii Play and Wii Sports, which had a few games I liked, particularly the cow racing (it always reminded me of, shooting discs and bowling. I like to play I just don’t find a lot of time to do it, partially because it’s not high on my list of priorities of things to do in my free time. That made me sound really busy. šŸ™‚

But it’s true, I don’t play really often, I get busy with dishes, laundry, cleaning house, writing, working on websites, etc. But when I do play, I love it, the remote is simple and easy to use/understand the function of all the buttons and it’s interactive, it cheers for you and you have a cute little wii character called a Mii. It’s really fun. There’s other games I’m forgetting to mention that I really like too, but you get the point. Those games were cool. I love that you can buy games for the Wii on the Wii Shop Channel, through this I have rediscovered my love for GALAGA! There’s a newer version called Galaga 90 TurboGrafix16. INCREDIBLE! And we didn’t have to leave the house to get it!

I’m finding myself being drawn into video games, if you can imagine and approaching 30! The function of the Wiimote is endless, you can use it for so many different games, you can play tennis, mini golf, we bought Carnival Games for the Wii and love the function during the ring toss, ski ball and the balloon popping with darts game, there’s even a dunking booth in that game!

You become active and you don’t even think about it. You break a sweat during the boxing – which is so much fun you wouldn’t believe it! There’s endless hours of fun there, and it’s even better when you get friends involved – we find that our friends come over and start beating us!

Really it’s a fantastic game system, and I wouldn’t endorse any other except for the Nintendo DS because I have one of those that I won in a contest on (which has since been sold but was formerly authored by none other than the guy behind almost a year ago. We have the original NES system, we have a PS2 and now we have an XBox as well, but I love the Wii.

I recently bought Mario Kart Wii – and got Mario Kart DS when I won that contest, so I’m a serious Mario Kart fan, from what I’ve played so far on the Wii – it’s a must have! You’ll feel like a kid racing and competing across the world with anyone else signed on!

I’m very much looking forward to Wii Fit and reviewing it for you, as it advertises as a means to cut out the gym, and maintains a steady calculation of your BMI, weight, proportions and plan for activity. More on that once we get it.


I would recommend the Wii to any MouthyGirl or Boy and maybe even a few games too! Five out of Five stars – GET THIS GAME SYSTEM!