Phuc! I’m Getting Older…I Do NOT Appreciate This!

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So I log into today and I’m looking at my pimp 80’s page, you should totally check it out by the way…and I pop over to the star talk section and read my horoscope…check it out:

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

The shivers of excitement intensify as you perceive and declare the new turf upon which you stand. Concentrate on taking it all in through your vigilant sensors. Savor the experience of a new stage of life before you. In this instant you do not need to determine everything all you’re going to do with this platform. Resist the urge to take off on more tangents that your protractor can cover. In fact, spin that angle figuring device just a tad to protract your planning. Redefine the ultimate goal of any quest before engaging with your impatient energies of initiation. What do you need? What do you want? How long is all this supposed to take? Do you have your ducks in a row? Can you maintain your enthusiasm for this journey for the duration? Should solid preparation trigger the green lights on the road ahead, the race to come thrills your instincts.

We’ve got instinct being thrilled, new turf and resisting urges. Sounds just like me!

So okay, if you’re the observant type, you know that my birthday is coming. It was supposed to be April Fools Day. My older sister is named April, so the story is told that I was willful even in the womb, and had no desire whatsoever to be dubbed “April’s Little Fool”, this girl is nobody’s fool. LOL. I believe the hype, do you? 😈

To be precise, it’s Saturday. I waited seven long years for another Saturday birthday…last time I was turning 22. Freshly liberated from a going nowhere marriage. (Well he wasn’t going anywhere, however I was going insane.) I was happy, go lucky, wild, carefree and all about gettin’ what’s mine and daring people to tell me “No”. I won most of my battles, did lose a few.

I’ve got scars to prove it. Being a single mother isn’t for chumps. I’m sorry I’m reminiscing, feel free to stop reading now and pretend you’re not bored out of your mind. I remember those times so fondly, I had so much fun, I was totally broke, but I was having fun! It was all me, no glory sharing – no spotlight sharing, I was number 1. I was cool with that.

Nights get lonely y’all I can’t lie. Here was my philosophy after my divorce, I finalized that in May 2002, I don’t recall the exact day because I celebrated all month baby! πŸ˜†

Anyways, my philosophy was that I would spend a few years working on me, finding out what I want out of life, living like there was no tomorrow and making my son the man in my life. We had date nights, movie nights, fun times, great times. Those years are made of great memories and hard work and earned wisdom.

But then after about two years, I got tired of not having a steady guy. I’m a one man girl really. I think some of you might be surprised at some of my conservative views, but I found my DH shortly after I decided I wanted a relationship instead of just you know, dating. πŸ˜‰ It was fun though and I met a lot of people and enjoyed myself immensely. I spent every other weekend with my best friend, well almost every other weekend, in her small town, drinking and hanging out.

I’m still a drinker, and we’re both still rowdy. We’ve both had our share of hard times in between then and now. But now I’m turning 2 9.

Ouch. It hurt to say that and lay it bare for the world. I know you’ll chastise me for being so concerned about … you know … but didn’t you feel this way when you were inching up on 3 0? Ouch. Shet.

Although I think my 30’s will be filled with good things and great memories and maybe I can even work in a cool vacation or two, maybe a road trip. (I do have a laptop – it is portable). Saying goodbye however to my 20’s is not easy. Most of it I spent liberated, it’s only been the last three years of cohabitation that have seemed to settle me some. But only some. πŸ˜‰

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One thought on “Phuc! I’m Getting Older…I Do NOT Appreciate This!

  1. I never really felt bad about turning 30 (happened in OCT) it’s all in your head really πŸ™‚ My age hasnt stopped me from enjoying my life… I am a 30 yr old mommy who still steps into mosh pits! a must if you want to stay feeling young…

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