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This will probably not be the only post of the day, but I wanted to call your attention to a free tool that I found when I was reading another blog last night. It’s from You can register a blog, a podcast or even photographs as your personal copyrighted material.

You can never be too protected. Here’s Google’s Blurb on the topic of Copyright infringement.

I am glad I ran across this, last year when I started Sabrina’s Money Matters I wasn’t too worried about people stealing my content because I didn’t think anyone would want it. I found out otherwise and felt helpless to prevent or stop it. Not so anymore!

My Copyright badge is over there —-> just above the survey.

Also, you may have noticed I’m trying some auctions, very soon I will be uploading pictures of jewelry I plan to auction, so be looking for that for sure. It’s good stuff… 🙂


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