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I’m a contest junkie – and this one I really want to win. It’s for an XBox 360 Elite and GTA IV. I love my family and we are gamers. So with Grand Theft Auto IV coming out at the end of the month and the XBox being one thing we don’t have as far as gaming consoles go…I want to win this one hardcore. Be prepared for the onslaught so that I can get tickets to win this thing.

Top Hosting is providing the prize for this contest through A blog I’ve mentioned before here, I won a really awesome game system from JohnCow when he was Bob on another blog. Confused? 😈

Anyways, how awesome is Top Hosting Center for offering such a badass prize to such badass bloggers? VERY AWESOME!!!

If I could get some sponsors like that, to offer great prizes like that, would be everywhere in no time. The support that has already gotten has been fantastic…but like everyone else – I want more. 😉

Once I get a little extra money I’m going to have some T-Shirts and Pens made and hold a few contests of my own….

So this was my entry and I’m quite sure it meets requirements.


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