She Said &^%$%*?!

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Today I’m going to try something new for all you MouthyGirls…this should be fun. I’m going to start a post – and you’re going to finish it. Whichever finishing comment is the closest, I will update the post with your conclusion – and link back to wherever you may want me to….

Groovy, no?

Last night, we were hanging out with our neighbor, Christine, who has a 12 year old daughter and apparently used to date a few famous people back in the early 90’s. This understandably used to be something her daughter was very proud of, but now it’s not spoken about because doubtless it gives her daughter a feeling of not being able to measure up to mom. Not something you want to deal with when it’s your own mother.

Our neighbor is German and married to an Italian man. I’ve had previous experience with German people, lots of it and still have yet to learn how to stop them from pushing me around. I’m able to fairly well when it comes to the neighbor, you see I’m so busy blogging here that I don’t socialize much with the neighbors.

Our neighbors on the other side of Christine, got married yesterday, on my birthday! How cool is that?! Apparently though the Dashing Groom had forgotten to pack a bag so after the wedding the beautiful people had to come back to their house to get a bag. She was still in her dress and tiara and looked amazing! I’m sure their pictures will be cherished forever.

I just had to mention that, it’s not often you see people in a wedding dress, and they looked beautiful, both of them. But that’s all besides the point you’re going to make.

Our neighbor Christine is going to be taking two neighborhood boys with issues to church today and however many Sundays they will go because she feels they are troubled boys who she can help. I commend her for that, but at the same time would love it if someone would tell her that bragging so much isn’t cool. She and her spouse have ten almost twenty years on most of the people on this block, we are younger, making less money and our kids don’t spend their summers in Italy.

We’re so poor. Yeah, here comes the rant. I don’t mind when other people have nice things and I like to share my wealth to a certain extent but I like to think I don’t brag and repeat my good fortune over and over trying to make people envious. She however does. We walked away having spent two hours with her that we can’t get back and thinking how judgmental she is which is no mystery to me.

Religion and us don’t mix well, and as soon as that was mentioned, we began being ministered to about Martin Luther and the German’s love of the Lutheran church. Give me a break! I’ll find my own celestial peace and I need no pushing. Pushing makes me think less of all the purported “Christians” or whatever they call themselves. We made our exits after she asked if she could take my child to church. Thank you, but that will be his decision when he gets older. I won’t be pushing beliefs on him and neither will you!

What happened to free will?

…so do you know where to go from here? šŸ˜‰


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  1. Free will and the matter of understanding the value of faith and goodwill to all above the value of a certain religion… Thank you for the offer. That what you are looking for Sabrina?
    Being raised on a broad range of religions valued base they are pretty much the same but for some reason I find one sees themselves as more then the other.

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