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Yesterday I watched the premiere of Hell’s Kitchen, yes I know it was on last Tuesday, but I got around to it yesterday and enjoyed it very much. I don’t get addicted to shows much, because TV isn’t all that important to me but this show has me captivated.

This was the worst opening of Hell’s Kitchen ever. I didn’t watch the first season, and I came in on the last half of last season, but I’ll tell you, the premiere was baaad..

In this competition, to start with each team had to pick a captain the first night they were there. By the end of the opening night however each captain the teams had chosen had been demoted and Chef Ramsey had chosen a different captain himself.

The girls went with the captain they did because she was the only one who had been complimented on her signature dish, I understood the why of that. Too bad she disappointed them all though.

But the boys….oh ladies let me tell you…the boys sucked so bad it made the girls look like champions. The girls picked their captain quickly the night before the big opening and studied the menu for the rest of the night. The boys however spent the evening arguing over who was going to be captain and didn’t even look at the menu.


The next day before the kitchen opened Chef Ramsey was talking to each team before the opening and none of the guys knew a single thing on the menu they would be serving! Terrible.

One guy that I immediately took a disliking to named Jason, from the start has made it clear he has something against losing to girls, ironically he mentioned in the opening notes of the show that he was doing this so he can eventually be beating women off with a stick when he wins, little recommendation there buddy, don’t be a sore loser But I’ll tell you, if he starts every show smoking weed in the back of the kitchen, he’s not going far…

The original captain the guys picked had hands off syndrome and wouldn’t know taking charge if it bit his big nose. The captain of the guys team ended up being the smallest guy on the team but definitely the guy with the biggest mouth, Louross. He tried to rally the troops but by the time anyone took charge, it was too far gone.

The girls did win, but as Chef Ramsey said, no one really won because three hours in, not a single entree had left the kitchen and everyone walked out. The girls eventually began being led by a spicy chica, Rosann from New York, definitely a MouthyGirl and made her voice heard, but sadly, she too was too little too late to save dinner.

The first person eliminated was a stay at home dad who did nothing but stand there with his mouth agape in wonder the entire time he was in the kitchen. It was hard to watch this episode, but I have a guilty pleasure in it. Chef Ramsey rips them apart when they suck!

They failed miserably in the premier, so miserably it was hilarious. Tuesday it’ll be on again and maybe I’ll watch it while it’s on or maybe I’ll get sidetracked, but the DVR gives me that freedom, so when I watch it you’ll probably get another update..

Does anyone else watch this show? What did you think of the premiere, and why do you watch Hell’s Kitchen?



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