Seeing Red Again

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Surely my tweets give me away…..I am SO phucing mad I could scream!

Chain of Events:
MouthyGirl takes off work early to pick up MouthyBoy from school tutoring so he can complete previously incomplete work – that he had time to do, just didn’t complete. MouthyBoy daydreams about sk8ting a lot. So MouthyGirl shows up to pick up MouthyBoy and teacher tells MouthyGirl how tutoring went down today. MouthyBoy wasted time, played with pencils, didn’t know how to do his work, asked how to do it three times and then didn’t read the instructions still. (MouthyBoy wasted MouthyGirl’s unpaid time off work.)

MouthyBoy gets into car and MouthyGirl asks what the problem is and is he proud he cannot use mechanical pencils at school anymore because he treats them as toys? MouthyBoy says no. Of course.

It gets worse but I’ll spare you the details. I have zero tolerance for laziness. When it’s time to work, it’s time to phucing work. No ifs, ands or buts about it. It’s time to work. As an adult I know the consequences of this if I don’t work when I’m supposed to.

MouthyBoy knows that he doesn’t get to go outside if he doesn’t meet certain daily requirements. His sk8ter time is very important to him, but not important enough to get him to do his “job” when he’s at school.

Any suggestions? Words of advice from other Mom’s of boys who battle the addiction to the sun?

We tell him all the time we prefer that he get to go outside, if we had our way he’d always have it like that, but he’s got to fulfill his end of the bargain….guess it’s not much of a bargain to him…



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