Addictive Guiltless Popsicles

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PhillySwirl popsicles are the most incredible and delicious guilt free popsicles I’ve ever had. If you’ve never tried them or heard of them, check out the site,, the founders are very sociable and will respond to email if you’re curious.

The are 10 calories and incredible. Really incredible. You can read other testimonials on their website and get a one day pass to SamsClub if it’s in your area so you can buy a BIG box, which you DO want to do.

A few weeks ago, for the first time some of our friends tried them here, we’ve known them for years but it’s not like they raid our fridge you know. Anyways, they tried them and were immediately addicted and happy about it once they found out how harmless they are.

Let’s not forget to mention I recently read on their site that Weight Watchers considers these a freebee. Awesome! You’ll be so glad you checked it out.

I promise you!


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