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There are people in this world who are grown, lucid people who are not supporting themselves. I’m not talking about homeless people or anyone in any way challenged or disabled, I’m talking about those of us with no impediments, disabilities or medical conditions.

Now I’ll say this, if someone else is paying your ticket and you’re not a student and they are your parent, and you are over 18 and CAN support yourself but DON’T……GET A PHUCING JOB!

It’s a pet peeve of mine and one that will always be my biggest issue, on the small and large scale. I detest endless government support for welfare recipients, I deplore perpetual benefits for those that refuse to work. This same government that provides welfare also provides tax cuts and grant programs to utilize for anyone to further their education, but millions of dollars of those funds and programs (which are federally backed) goes unused each year while welfare becomes more and more of a taxpayer burden.

:Clue Phone Rings:

It\'s For You...

MG: It’s for you governor.

I have been on government assistance and it was at the lowest and brokest point of my life ever. Six months passed and it was time for “recertification” and I just never went back. For me it’s a matter of pride to be able to say, “Once upon a time…” but letting that be history, not present tense.

We should get better at anything we do as we get older, we should constantly seek to better ourselves, our skill set, our abilities, knowledge, wisdom and a lot of other things I can’t think of right now. Some jobs are just a job but a job no matter where it is lends a learning experience that you just have to recognize. With each job you have, you increase your coping skills and people skills, at a bare minimum.

Living off the government, or your parents or anyone for that matter when there is no real justification for it…well it’s just despicable.

What would you suggest as an alternative to welfare? If you were to limit how long welfare could be received, first of all would you limit it? Second if you did, what’s the max? What kind of policies are hot with you that you would address if given the chance?

What would you tell the president? Or the governor of your state? The governing body over your province, or country?


4 thoughts on “Mooch!

  1. I believe education is so important and that is exactly what I would tell them. The reason is that education is…our life. We spend so much time in school that it really shapes who we become as we get older. We can stay in school to gain further in our life and learn more than we can imagine. With so many different jobs all over the place, I don’t see why some people would not want to work. I mean, we all have our own dreams and I think with a little research on the internet, we can see what we can do to achieve them.

  2. I’m behind you 100% Susan on the education stumping, I think no one is taking our children’s education seriously enough.

    I don’t think that even a caseworker could believe that a welfare recipient that doesn’t hold down even a minimum wage job could be “working” for their check. How are they doing that? Cleaning up trash on the sides of the highway, I doubt it. But why not? If they can’t find a job, find one for them.

  3. Limit it- instead of endless welfare EDUCATION!
    There are so many good jobs out there for people. I am not college educated,yet, but I have my CNA certification, it takes 6 weeks and you can make as much as $15 an hour-more in bigger cities. THis field is desperate for more workers. Some Beauty schools have 6 month courses and with further education you could own your own buisness. More emphasis needs to be put on Education there are so many great jobs out I agree there is no reason for alot of people to be on welfare.

  4. In the State I live in there is a limit of time you can be on assistence , free loading
    (although, my MIL says they make ppl work for thier checks, shes a caseworker) its 3 yrs… but then if you decide to go to school you can continue to recieve funds, and you dont have to work for your check. that 3 yrs is life time for cash assistence, food stamps, medical thats different. I think everyone should have some sort of state medical coverage, but thats a totally different topic..hehe
    They should watch out for fraud better thats for darn sure… Drug test for junkies, herion, cocain, meth I see so many junkies on welfare gettin dopped up on tax dollers grrrr that ticks me off… see them on Social security (disablity)too.
    I totally understand, the resaon why welfare is around, I live in a super poor area of the country, ppl here need it to pick up the pieces after a mill shuts down or moves to mexico… ppl are left with out if it wasnt for our tax dollars there is no way they couldl make it here, the economy sux arse here I havent done research on ohter states but i know ohio cuts ppl off after 3 yrs. That seems like plenty of time to get you ducks in a row. if not, learn to swim!

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