GirlFriday Yankin’ Your Chain

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I have a really hilarious video to show you today, it’s a prank call, yes very juvenile, but still great. You know you did it! You might wonder now what the draw was, why you thought it was so fun, after this call – you’ll remember I promise!

Now you remember huh? LMAO! There are so many prank call videos on YouTube and I barely scratched the surface last night while surfing.. There’s way more of this kind, but you’ll have to find it for yourself….

Did you make prank calls ever? What were the best or most memorable ones?


119 thoughts on “GirlFriday Yankin’ Your Chain

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  9. I was a huge prank call maker… I used to prank ppl just randome ppl in the phone book and carry on conversations. that was funny “you hav the wrong #”… no that ok can you just talk to me for a min? My moms really mean, I cant get out I’m not suppose to be on the phone blah blah blah she might ground me for longer why are you keeping me on the phone? blah blah blah

    my fav was the one where my friends shawn, melissa and I whould do the commercial when we called ppl for tuff guy plumbing… but changed the words to 3 chicks plumbing…. guess who? then we’d flush the toilet and laugh until we peed our pants.

    I sent a pizza once to some ones house too, they really paid for it.

  10. That lends whole new credence to my phrase, “What a fruit loop!” LOL – What prank call isn’t dorky? If you’re feeling particularly like being entertained, look up The Jerky Boys, they are a riot!

  11. Sorry this is so Pathetic- look up someone in phone book that has last name Cherry- Ask for Mr. Apple when they say you have the wrong # you say no sorry just the wrong fruit. I did this what a dork!

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