Brave Enough?

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What’s it take to get you mad enough to say what’s really on your mind? Do you ever really let loose on people? I saw a forum on that made me think of this post today, it’s called Confessions. It’s a great forum, I’ll tell you, there’s nothing more freeing that being able to let loose what you’re really thinking with the assurance that it’ll never be shared outside of that forum.

That’s comforting. Some of us have so much pent up inside that we feel we could burst at a moment’s notice. I feel that way sometimes, like no one would really understand my outlook, the way I really see things at times. I have radical views, some that I don’t think my best friend would even agree with. I’m extreme in some views, but very traditional in others. It’s odd, I think.

I’ll confess something right now. Five years ago I quit smoking, as a habit like everyday, several packs a day. I was smoking two packs a day. Five years ago I decided it was time to move past that. For about three or so years, I didn’t ever have any cigarrettes, at all, never. For the past two years however, I keep a pack handy. Sometimes it’ll take me two to four months until I have to buy a new one, or sometimes a month or so. It varies, if I’m hanging out with smokers, I’ll smoke more. So I guess now I smoke socially and when I’m really pissed off. It’s the physical action of removing myself from a situation that helps, I don’t think it’s the cigarrette. But it works for me.

What do you have to confess, are you brave enough?


5 thoughts on “Brave Enough?

  1. Recently , I was called a bully by my ex , of all the words she said to me these hurt the most … I now wonder if this is how people see me ? I have never been mean spirited, I usually cheer for the underdog and love with all my heart . This truly has wounded me from the inside out !!

    • We’ve met only a few times, and I truly believe that I’m a pretty good judge of character. Through those interactions and your posts on Facebook, I truly believe you to be a thoughtful, peaceful person – try not to let the words of someone with a motive to hurt you, truly get to you. Think of her motivations and let it slide off your back if you can, some people just want to force us into commiseration.

  2. I do feel lonely and scared at times because of everything that’s going on in my life and also, all around the world. I am brave enough to confess stuff, but usually in a room alone, however, nothing ticks me off too much these days. I just ignore or blast some music and listen to it. I believe listening to music that’s comforting and familiar definitely gets myself in the mood and allows me to drown away everything. Without music, I don’t know what I would do!

  3. Okay, I’ll make a confession, sometimes I feel so stupid when I’m trying to customize a theme and make it just right. I know this stuff, but sometimes I’ll read the code and it seems like a foreign language and I just want to quit!

    And I think I drink too much but have no desire to stop or slow down whatsoever.

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