Sunday Memoirs

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Monday I told you about Hell’s Kitchen.
Later that day my son got my goat and I vented here.

Tuesday I talked about my new, or somewhat new appreciation for Shania Twain’s music.

Wednesday I told you about some popsicles that we love at my house and are guilt free, diabetic and diet friendly. I also asked you guys how your week was going and what was on your mind, to which I got some responses that were much like my feelings on Wednesday.

Thursday I talked about kids and letting go and when is it time? I also vented about mooches and their drain on the government and their families.

Friday was all about fun, and GirlFriday delivered with a hilarious prank video.

Saturday I asked if you were brave enough to confess something, no matter how serious or minor. A few of you had confessions, as did I.

Which brings us to today where we wrap up the week, take a little while to relax, and look forward to the week ahead, hoping it’ll be easier, more peaceful and pleasant.

What are your expectations for your week ahead, any accomplishments you anticipate?



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