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I forgot that I bought my lunch this morning. So I went and bought a cheeseburger at McDonalds and upon my return to the kitchen at work, and halfway into my cheeseburger I remembered that I had a Lean Cuisine Panini in the freezer. Dammit! Those things are awesome!

I even bought a strawberry yogurt to go with it, or to have as a snack, though I rarely snack. I even bought some of those awesome popsicles to share with everyone here this morning and I STILL forgot all about it.

Duh!!!! But I find as I get older, I forget more and more. You might say this is typical and to get over it, it’s a symptom of getting older. But this is indeed cause for alarm in my book.

My grandmother who just broke 70 recently has advanced Alzheimer’s disease and doesn’t know who I am. It freaks me out to no end that I will forget people, family members, my own son. It’s a matter of endless terror and worry on my part.

What have you forgotten lately that really ticked you off when you finally remembered it?



7 thoughts on “I Forgot

  1. This was a while ago, but I have a prepaid cell phone and yes, you guessed it, I forgot to reload it one month! I remembered too: I bought the prepaid card, I wrote it down on my calendar and I still forgot! When did I realize this? The morning after…I was slowly waking up and my mind was, “What day is it today?” Then, I remembered, bolted out of bed, turned on my cell phone but it was too late. I lost like, $40 worth because if you don’t use all the money for the 30 days, it carries over and since I didn’t refill it, I lost $40 that was already on the phone. Haha, now, I always remember and my family reminds me CONSTANTLY about it. šŸ˜†

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