There’s Always Someone Who’s Doing Worse

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A normal day, like all the others, alarm clock screams at my ass to get up, so I do, pissed that it remembered to go off, or that the electricity didn’t flicker last night, pick one and that’s the reason today.

I go through the daily drudge, kiss the man before he goes to work, this overtime is a real strain on the sleeping, then I start my getting ready routine. Feed cats, shower, dry & straighten hair, makeup, brush teeth, all the while watching videos on the music channels, trying to force myself into a positive, musical mood. The alternative is not a good one.

I get to work and the reality of my boss’ situation rains down on me like so much rain in the thunderstorms Texas skies breed readily these days. Ten minutes from this office there is a man who may lose his wife, to which he still calls “his bride”. I don’t know much about their lives, or their family or history, but I know that were I faced with a monster that size, I would probably cow in the corner begging for mercy.

The history can be found on her blog, a site I built for them so he could keep the family and friends (of which they have many) up to date without the strain of exhaustive emails and phone calls.

Life is so very delicate, short and fleeting. I find myself thankful that the only sickness we are dealing with is my son’s sore throat. That’s easy. It’s touch and go for them, tensions are high and he still has a business to run. These must be days where he wishes he worked for someone else and could take family time.

There’s always someone who has it worse. Please keep them in your thoughts today, pray for them if you do, send well wishes their way or in whatever way you can send positive thoughts.


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