Addicted to Hell

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Hell’s Kitchen that is, lol. Made you look! Now stay, read. Enjoy.

I’m not one to get addicted to TV shows but that show has really captured my attention. Truth be told, I have it in for one of the guys. The guy named Jason, sadly he shares my DH’s name, but all the same, I want that jack ass gone! He has the most chauvinistic attitude!

I know they have to put an antagonist into the show, that’s fine, but against women? Come On! Yeah, I want him gone, and I think I already want the chickie from the law firm to win, she’s sassy, doesn’t take any BS and gets the job done. Mostly. She’s not waitress material. Last week’s show proved that for sure. Last week, I spared you the details, but Chef Ramsey shut the kitchen down, he could see the flip-flip and just went ahead and pulled the plug on the flop.

I couldn’t blame him. At all. So tonight’s episode is being recorded on the DVR as we speak, I’m going to go clean my room and then we’re going to watch it…

Stay tuned for an update!


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