Welcome Back Bit*hes from Hell!

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Ah, Hell’s Kitchen. I love Chef Ramsey, even though Rachel thinks I’ll rot my brain out, I think it’s good fun. Very good fun. The guy I told you about, the chauvinist, Jason, he’s gone. But let me tell you how he sank before he was picked to leave.

The girls won a competition and got to go ride a fake bull while the guys had to pick peppers in overalls, LMAO! They were very pissed about that. However, when the girls are all talking to Chef Ramsey, they let him in on their plan to pick the guys off, one by one.

Oh yes. That is how we work ladies, divide and conquer! So when they all get back to the dorms of Hell’s Kitchen, the ladies get in the hot tub and start using their charms to lure the men their way.

Guess who falls first? You guessed it, the chauvinist! Not a bright one that one. He goes and jumps in the hot tub, and might I say, he’s disgusting – and proceeds to give up all the other guy’s weaknesses.

Then later at dinner, he doesn’t know the dessert menu and has to leave the kitchen to study it, then comes back and like a pansy wants to quit because he can’t think on the spot. Chef gets the dessert menu out of the idiot and tells him to go cook them. To which he fails miserably and eventually Chef Ramsey shuts down the kitchen, AGAIN!

Third time they haven’t had a full service. These are people that are cooking our food, ladies too, from all over the nation! For some reason they can’t perform in Hell’s Kitchen? It was painful to watch.

There’s a point in the kitchen, where Chef Ramsey turns to the girls and says, “Welcome back bitches from Hell!” over a victory, you could tell they all felt great…but then, no one had dinner.

At the end of the night, each team had to pick someone to go home, one of the girls was picked because she couldn’t cook the meat for some reason, and Jason was voted to leave because everyone had to scramble trying to fix his screw ups.

So the pig is gone. YAY!

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