San Jacinto Day!

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Today is San Jacinto Day in Texas, the anniversary of April 21, 1836, the final battle of the Texas Revolution when Texas won it’s independence from Mexico. There is an annual festival on the spot of the battle complete with a re-enactment every year.

Pretty cool to be living in the only state of the union that could be self sustaining as it’s own country. There’s a Timeline to the Texas Revolution hosted on Wikipedia that I found pretty interesting.

Isn’t it odd how the things they wanted us to learn in school we resisted, but as we get older we want to learn it? I find that to be odd.

At any rate, today I wanted to share with you last year’s America’s Got Talent, Terry Fater, a Ventriloquist who will amaze you at his skill. He’s incredible.

Check him out:

He’s great isn’t he? Homegrown talent right there, he’s from Texas too.

I’m proud of the state I live in, and even happier that there’s no state tax! LOL! To be honest with you all, if you heard me talk, you’d know instantly where I’m from. I can’t help it, hard as I try to leave the hick in me behind, it persists. Boy does it ever persist. But I think maybe sometimes it’s charming. šŸ˜‰

Have a great Monday everyone!



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