Men in the Delivery Room?

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On the radio this morning the topic was men in the delivery room as their children are being delivered?

Definately. They OWE us! Now if you hate the man or you tend to get violent when you’re in pain, yeah maybe the man shouldn’t be in there, but otherwise, they owe us that much! No copping out because you have a weak constitution, get over it and MAN UP! Like Mel (my favorite DJ) said.

Go watch some of the most disgusting movies ever if you have to to prepare, but for all the flatulence, tactless criticism, dirty socks on the floor, clothes everywhere, making us mother you and a whole host of other things we put up with that I won’t go into here, they owe us this support.

Then of course there’s the argument that if the man is there…he’ll have sexual issues later, not buying that either, the only fun thing in that whole ordeal is the making of the baby…

Don’t you think it scares the HELL out of us to have to go through that? Oh yeah, we handle it really well some of us do, and some of us not so much, but if you’re one of those women like me that internalizes everything, Dad may come away thinking that it was a cakewalk.


My son’s birth, while the reward is one that just keeps on giving, the experience of child birth for me is not something I am at all anxious to do again. All of my sisters have had one day deliveries, not a cake walk, but easier than mine no doubt, and they all want more. Not me.

No, no, and HELL NO.

We’ll just say that it was the worst three days of my life until the end. On a Sunday morning in July of 1997 at 10:52 a.m. my son was born and it was glorious…and I was exhausted.

I think a man that is able to create a child should be there next to the poor soul who must bear it. Men cannot even fathom what occurs within the body during that nine months, forget about those hours of labor. There is incessant discomfort, changes in the body you never imagined, feelings that can’t be predicted, cravings that aren’t expected and that gross even you out. They owe us that support.

Yes man, you should be there when your child is born, you should be chomping at the bit to be the first person your child sees. What a bonding experience for Dad that is. This is the reason I think men have a hard time sometimes bonding with their children, they’re scared. They don’t know what to do, or if they’re doing it wrong when they are doing something. It’s confusing, the whole damn process is a bit freaky if you ask me. I’m still getting freaked out, and he’s 10 now!

This isn’t easy for the ladies either and we get scared too, but real men go through it as much as possible with the mothers of their children because if she can do it, he can do it. (How’s that for a flip? LOL)

What are your thoughts on this, any particular experiences or stories you’d like to share? Speak up people!


9 thoughts on “Men in the Delivery Room?

  1. Haha, I believe men should be in the delivery room, I mean, COME ON, he has to be there to at least hold his wife’s hand! Also, the wife is probably terrified too, so having her husband at least support her and be present could be very rewarding and comforting.

  2. No, we would understand Tim, it’s part of
    being a man sometimes, you have to deal with
    that kind of thing. Just don’t do the
    comb over, please don’t do the comb over and
    we’ll be cool.

    If you have a nice spherical head, bald is

  3. Oh, boy do I ever know men don’t have it easy. You guys are expected to take out trash, hold doors, be still in church, listen to us yammer on and on (I know we do) and be supportive, you have to know when we’re venting so you don’t come to the rescue.

    And you guys have to deal with baldness if it runs in your family and typically have to work physically harder than women do…my dad made sure I knew it wasn’t a cake walk, and if he’d had it his way, I’d be using my looks to get by.

    Good thing I never put much stock in those! LOL, JK.

    Men have their share, and sometimes they have to deal with horrendous things that they never ever tell, which is why we don’t know about some things men deal with, because real men are too proud to whine.

  4. I was there for all three of my kids as well. I saw every thing there was to see, got called every name and rubbed her back for hours until I wasn’t sure if I still had hands or just worn out meat stubs. I held her up in the shower while she was in back labour and couldn’t stand. I went to the special care nursery with Eric when he came out breathing funny and oxygen starved.I saw my daughter’s umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and nearly tied in a knot when she joined us in the world (scary stuff, kids).
    I’m not complaining. I’m just wondering who these men are that don’t go in and support.
    Now, Don’t tell me that mens lives are all unicorns and rainbows either. True enough, we don’t have to be pregnant and give birth, and we don’t share all of women’s problems with various body parts and functions. We also don’t get as much natural connection to our children. A lot of men have to build that for themselves , and some never feel it (IMO).

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  5. I was there for all three of my kids birth. There was never any question that I wouldn’t be there! Its the most important experiences (3 of them) of my life.
    To be able to have been there providing support and strength to my Wife was essential. I have always put my family first – I can’t understand anyone who does not!
    Michael 🙂

  6. I think babies daddies should be in the room pho sho! Jesse was there for both of our children, all though after his first experience with Brad he desided to sadate himself for the birth of his girl child… he was there but didnt do much for the the 2ed time around… it was much easier though and i could have done in on my own:) I had several ppl present during both of my childrens births…I could have done with out the Mother in law..GRRR

  7. My dh and I laid it out on the table beforehand- what we both expected and wanted. We had a strict birthing plan and we both worked together to stick to it. Nolan’s birth was beautiful and drug free. And in my opinion the only reason why is because we communicated. Megan well she was 10 minute shy of being born in the car:) At home I was not in the right mind and needed him to put his foot down and take me to the hospital- if not Meg would have been born on 90/94 or at home:)

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