GirlFriday: Is Kissing a Sport?

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I have a question before we get to the GirlFriday fun….is kissing a sport?

We all know it’s fun, unless you’re kissing family. But would you say you kiss just to be kissing, or you’re expecting a little sumthin sumthin at the end of all that?

I have a friend, and she knows who she is, that had a kissing contest once upon a time, competing against a cousin for who could kiss more people. What a quest that was! It was like a scavenger hunt to find men that would kiss her without expecting more in return, and also that weren’t worried that their girlfriends would find out. That was some crazy fun!

But what do you think, is kissing a sport that’s just for fun with a bonus if it goes farther, or is it a means to an end for you?

Thank you in advance for your comments…

There’s a hilarious post by JD at I Do Things that you shouldn’t miss, it’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

I’m changing it up on ya this Friday, no videos, just funny photos. I’m not going to let GirlFriday get stale with YouTube videos…we’ll keep it spontaneous here….so enjoy!


Great shot eh? LOL Fridays are great days even for cats! Yes, I’m a cat lover…but here’s one for all you dog lovers…

I’ve been looking for Friday morning since Sunday night and I’m so glad it’s here! The DH and I are going to get outta the house tomorrow and drop the munchkin off to a family member who likes him enough to babysit and we’re off to play foosball at Main Event, maybe even some Skeeball…I’d like to rent Juno and watch it to…he won’t go see Baby Mama with me, DH thinks the blond chick looks horribly wrong somehow, lol.

So enjoy your Friday everyone, please comment on what you think about kissing…or how kissing has evolved for you even…that could be interesting…anxious to hear your thoughts!




7 thoughts on “GirlFriday: Is Kissing a Sport?

  1. Aw, come on Mark, sure you do.. 😛

    JK, thanks for commenting and I certainly hope
    this isn’t the last time we’ll see you here!

    You’re welcome anytime. 😉

  2. In the words of my DH ” I am married to you why do I need to do all that stuff.” A romantic. Which I reply “your right guess I don’t have to give you anymore BJ’s” This happened one day. Kissing is fun when it leads to the next step. I am done being sexually frustrated- and that in what would happen if we Just Kissed
    I can type BJ here and not get in trouble I <3 U Mouthygirl

    Susan Ls last blog post..…But Sometimes They Must Wear High Heels

  3. Kissing used to be a sport befor I relized SEX was better… the hours i would spend making out and then just going home:) Then sex came into the picture and kisssing just kinda became an annoyence that you had to do befor you could get naked… I still do enjoy kissing sometimes but with lil ones around really not much time for that:)My 5 yr old busted DH and i kissing by the stove a few days ago and screamed at us…”thats discusting! and embaressing, will you cut it out!” His dad gave him an ear full… about this is my house and my wife I’ll kiss her when i want where I want…blah blah blah… so insensitive to the boy….

  4. Kissing isn’t a sport cause you don’t get paid haha. Seriously though that is interesting. Those guys that had girlfriends that still kissed the girls either felt great about it or like jerks afterwards. Hard to find any guy also that gets a kiss and won’t want more in return. Those pics are funny.

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