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Last week on Friday, I asked you all if you viewed Kissing as a Sport, it turned out to receive a lot of very fun comments and show the ulterior motives of others, lol. 😈

But on top of all the fun, I got a nasty comment by someone. The comment was moderated from the site as soon as I found it, and I hope none of you were offended by it, but this lovely fellow decided to further my irritation with him by responding to my email informing him that he has to play nice on He didn’t like that, so below is a chronology of events, so you can tell me if I did anything beyond what you would’ve done.

And also to satisfy my urge to show him for the chauvinist he is. The comment that Mr. Jonathan decided to grace us with:

New comment on your post #146 “GirlFriday: Is Kissing a Sport?”
Author : Jonathan (IP: not shown)
E-mail : (not shown)
URL : (not shown)
Whois : (not shown)
Another dumb fucking woman question. Ya’ll are some serious dumb cunts!

My quick and fast response:

Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 15:29:51 -0500
To: (not shown)
Subject: How nice you jackass.

I’ll be blacklisting your name and email address. These types of
opinions must be why you’re trolling Craigslist instead of
working…because you’re a loser with stupid archaic opinions about
women. Go figure.


Personally, I think I was rather civil. 😈 You see I put an ad up on Craigslist so that those checking out Craigslist could pop over and weigh in, it’s worked before….I didn’t expect that though.

But it gets better, check out what I found in my inbox today, I think I scared him a little when he realized that he’s on a registered IP address and decided to egg me on.

Go ahead and blacklist. That just shows people like you scream about the right for free speech until you disagree with what has been said. Hypocrite! Does this make any sense to you?

Don’t you worry about my work. Worry about yourself! But if you are taking time to write me then you are not working. Hypocrite! Because I couldn’t possibly be checking emails and comments at home?

In fact, for you to see my post you must be trolling. Hypocrite!What??? He commented here – I didn’t seek him out, so how again am I a hypocrite?

Seeing is how my post was for shock value and not to be taken seriously, you miss are archaic. Also a hypocrite!Too late for CYA buddy, the cat’s outta the bag – you’re a pig!

All he’s missing is a club and a toga, I’m convinced that he’s single and bitter about this and that’s why MouthyGirl got the brunt of his frustration. My response:

When you call a female a cunt on my website, it is my right to defend not only myself, but also my visitors who would take offense. You don’t get to decide what is up for “shock value” on my website, I do.

I don’t have to scream for the right of free speech, I already have it. As do you, but you wouldn’t get to call females that in my house, nor do you get to refer to us that way on my blog. It is proprietary and I decide what’s on it, not you.

Call me what you will, hypocrite, cunt, whatever, I’ve been called worse by bigger, badder men – and in person.

If “shock value” is all you were after, go for a bigger blog, where you’ll shock more people and I don’t have to deal with you’re ARCHAIC opinions. If it wasn’t to be taken seriously, you could quite simply have added near the bottom that you were kidding. Otherwise, I take it seriously. You are welcome at if you can be civil and contribute to the conversations, otherwise, don’t come back.

You’ll be delighted to know that you will be center stage on tomorrow – as I’m putting your opinions up on my blog for all the world to see. I might even include your email address….if I’m feeling froggy.

Last night, I got another email (a glutton for punishment apparently) acting as if he had no idea that he had posted that on my website. Because Craigslist and look alike right? Please!

Fortunately for him, I take pity on the poor lonely soul who has such bad opinions of women. Maybe some female has wronged him so badly in the past he feels that we’re all like her. Until that opinion changes however, I’m sure he’ll only find women that will tolerate that opinion, and those aren’t the best women. So his email address is not included because I’m just not that mean – and I don’t want to cost him his job.

Surely his employer would think something was up as he started receiving all kinds of hate email. 😈

I defend ladies that deserve it, and everyone of you here deserve it. Feel free to include your thoughts in the comments…I have a suspicion that my statcounter will be picking up that IP address again…



5 thoughts on “Dealing with Rude Comments

  1. You dealt with that quite well, and I think with any website that has a “comment” section, there will always, always, always be people who are rude and pointless. It’s not even worth the time to deal with them.

  2. When are the stupid men gonna learn? You can’t call
    women cunts and get away with it. I thought your
    responses were perfectly appropriate and
    well-thought-out. I love how idiots who
    spout idiotic garbage always fall back on the
    old “free speech” defense. Just because it’s
    free doesn’t make it acceptable!

    JDs last blog post..I Bought a Door so you don’t have to

  3. well thank you Sabrina, but next time leave those
    comments up so that we may attack them
    our selves:) that would have been fun!Plus
    I’m sure it would have added traffic:) cause
    everyone would be checkin in to see if the
    asshole was doing ok…lol

  4. Oh, indeed, I read that book a couple of years
    ago and loved it, unfortunately however, not
    everyone of us is so progressive in thought and
    I don’t want anyone offended. πŸ™‚

    I wasn’t offended though, I took that word back
    for myself back when I read the book. I am
    glad to see however so many famous people
    getting involved with that movement, recently
    I saw Selma Hayek talking to Oprah about it.

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